essex linen sidekick tote

my buddy Jessica made me an awesome pillow for my birthday, and then her birthday was at the end of December so it was only right that i make her something in return!  i actually considered asking her husband for her measurements and surprising her with a washi dress, but i figured that was just a taaaaad risky.

so i made her a purse instead.

black linen sidekick tote

it’s the Nooodlehead sidekick tote.  Anna is the queen of the amazing bag pattern, and i always love how interesting and unique her designs are (my purse creativity is pretty non-existent).  i’d been wanting to sew it for a long time now, so this was my proverbial kick in the pants.  it’s a really great pattern and the details are perfect!  i made the large size, since Jessica’s got a couple munchkins to haul stuff around for.

black linen sidekick tote

Gail and Anna have both sewn it in a yarn dyed black essex linen, so i just went with what i knew worked for the outside (it’s from Bolt).  plus i know it’s one of Jessica’s favorite fabrics and she’d probably enjoy carrying it around / petting it.  we nerd out about fabric a lot in our friendship.  doesn’t everyone?

black linen sidekick tote

the pocket is bound with the seersucker i’ve used a few times so far, most notably on little red.

black linen sidekick tote

and the lining is sort of another bit of silliness – i always say kona olive goes with everything, and so…i used it, mostly to make Jessica snicker.  but also, it REALLY DOES go with everything.

black linen sidekick tote

the zipper is magenta (a little brighter than reality in this photo) and the interior pocket is an anna maria horner loulouthi print from Jess.

black linen sidekick tote

there’s a good amount of interfacing (i used Pellon SF101 as recommended) giving the sidekick a nice structure.  i definitely tried harder to keep my stitching neat and crisp too, since this would be the first in-person example of my sewing she’d see and i didn’t want her to think i was a total hack face.

black linen sidekick tote

my giant vintage coat collar and i were ready to make off with it / keep it…but i didn’t.  i stuffed it with fat quarters and washi tape magnets and other trinkets and shipped it off to Ohio like a good crafty friend should.

HBD, Jessica!


30 thoughts on “essex linen sidekick tote

  1. anna says:

    oh man!!!! it’s amazing! I love your fabric picks, and it looks amazingly sewn, perfect! Wow, you look super ultra cute in these pics. I’m so excited you liked the pattern. 🙂

  2. gail says:

    oh i love it! the olive and magenta are great together and the seersucker binding looks fab with the essex linen. and HA, the one thing you are not is a hack face!! 🙂

  3. an says:

    So pretty! I love the contrast between the outside and the inside fabrics. It’s like a little ray of sunshine each time you open the bag!

  4. Haylee says:

    Wow! Really well done job, it looks flawless. It IS flawless, seriously your top stitching, binding, and crisp lines and everything are absolutely perfect. I never would have guessed you made it. I love the contrasting binding too, it really looks great with the linen. Jessica is one lucky girl!

  5. Jess says:

    It’s amazing, Kristin! I am the same way if I sew something for another sewist….extremely slow and precise sewing happens…lol! I was super happy to see the fabric I sent you in the pocket! I loved the bright happy inside of the purse, but that the outside could go with anything!

  6. melissa q. says:

    Beautiful bag. MMhmm. Looks like a lovely pattern. I’m on a bag-making kick myself…just made a messenger bag yesterday from a ridiculously frustrating Japanese translation book. Thank goodness I made it with leftover fabric, now I get to tweak it and use the good stuff. But, this post is tempting me to just make this bag instead. Hmm. Also, it’s true, olive goes with everything. Never doubt it.

  7. lucinda says:

    This is gorgeous! What a great friend you are:) Love the surprise lining color – it will be treat to the eyes every time she peeks into her bag:)

  8. Laura says:

    What a lovely gift. I have the pattern and some of that same linen waiting for it 🙂 It just works with it so well. I finally chose the lining fabric too so hopefully I will get to sewing it soon.

  9. Cherie says:

    Hack face! Hah! I think we all know that a hack face, you are not! Beautiful job. I absolutely love all the fabrics and colors, as usual. Lucky gal, that Jessica. Now where can I get me some yarn dyed essex linen?

  10. johanna says:

    hi. i’m 13 years old and i’m from germany. my hobby is sewing. can you please post a free pattern of this bag. love this bag;) johanna

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