what does a gal make when she has been sewing kid’s clothes for almost two months straight and suddenly finds herself with the freedom to make anything she wants?  maybe something for herself!  a much-needed new bag!  yay!

i had planned to take some time off from sewing after getting auf’d from project run & play, but after just a week i was itching to get back on the horse.  i thought i’d need more time, but i guess i’m so in the habit of sewing now, even a week away felt like forever.

for a while i had known this would be my first post-PR&P project.  i started a new job a few months ago, and the best way to get to work now is via public transportation (either bus or light rail).  i needed a new purse that was large enough to hold everything i need for the day (coffee, breakfast and sometimes lunch too, a sweater, maybe even a second pair of shoes), but compact enough to stay close to my body on crowded bus days where i end up standing 2″ away from the person next to me, or sitting next to a big dude.  my margaret bag, while plenty large, sort of sticks out behind me and once caused a lady to accuse me of “bashing her” with my purse (totally unbeknownst to me!).  this bag will not bash anyone, and it is perfect.

the pattern is the go anywhere bag by noodlehead.  i’m a big fan of anna’s, but this was the first pattern i’d purchased from her (shame on me!).  it was great!  well-written and clear, with a few options for customization.  i decided to pipe the outer pocket in white and i also sewed up the center of the back pocket to section it.  i wanted to make it very sturdy, so the main body is canvas (picket from outside oslo by jessica jones) which i interfaced, the pockets are lined with the stand-up-on-its-own mustard corduroy from O’s sailboat pants, and the outer pocket is the olive twill from Em’s kimono jacket.

i used a heavier needle (a 16) and my machine got pretty mad at me for making it sew through that many heavy layers, but it powered through.  the lining is the ticking from Em’s RRH coat.  the pattern actually takes pretty large pieces of fabric (at least 1/2 yard cuts of each variety).  it’s bigger than i expected, and i’d even seen this one in person!   it closes with a magnetic snap which i’d never done before but works great, and i also gave myself a little smile each time i look inside…

that’s right, echino bus pocket!  riding the bus can be a bit of an exercise in patience at times, so this is my small way of mitigating that (well, that and always wearing a scarf so i can bury my nose if the need arises.  bus smells…you know how it is).

i’ve used it a few days in a row now, and i’m really happy with it.  it’s the perfect size, it’s easy to get on and off, and it stays put on my shoulder as i walk.  those are the things that are important to me in a commuter purse, so it’s a big success.  thanks for making such a lovely pattern, anna!  i love my new bag!

(PS – did anyone catch the reference in my post title?  first to guess it gets a virtual high five!  too easy, right?)

20 thoughts on “i…can…go…ANYWHERE!

  1. Dolores says:

    Your bag is gorgeous! I just clicked over to vote in the Finale of PR&P and isn’t My Sparkle’s outfit just gorgeous. I voted for her and can’t believe it’s neck and neck with Jessica’s outfit which I don’t get at all!

    • kristin says:

      Thanks, Dolores! I’m going to remain neutral on the subject of the PR&P finale, but I’m not surprised it’s neck-and-neck! Both of the top two entries that are battling it out are great in different ways. I bet it comes down to the “celebrity judges” scores in the end…

  2. gail says:

    oh i love it! the bus pocket! the corduroy pocket lining! it looks super sturdy, too. let’s hang out soon with our anna bags and see if anyone notices 🙂

    • kristin says:

      Thanks! So true…it’s amazingly fast. Also nice to just sew one thing and show it, rather than crafting a full ensemble. Can’t wait to see what your first post-PR&P project is!

  3. anna says:

    umm, total perfection! man, such cool details you added. I love it! and it makes me really glad that you l like it too. 🙂 a new job? that sounds fun, and public transportation seems like kind of an adventure! of course I only say that because there really isn’t any of that around here.

  4. Tara says:

    Love it! Once my fabric arrives, I will be starting on a noodlehead bag too. The canvas is a really great idea. I spent a lot of time eyeballing the stuff you got when I visited Bolt in Portland, and eventually decided on something else. I’m hoping my bag ends up with the right amount of sturdiness after I interface it.

  5. Carolyn says:

    I love your version of the bag and all the great fabrics you incorporated! I use mine all the time and seeing yours makes me want to make another one – this time with piping of course!

  6. Jessica @ Running With Scissors says:

    I bought this pattern and have yet to make it! Seeing yours inspires me to get picking out some fabric. The other day I was thinking I need a new big bag, and forgot I’d bought the pattern months ago. Hopefully mine will look have as polished as yours!
    I’m impressed too, as I also feel not in the mood to sew after Project Run and play.

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