gold hearts and the finale

first of all, you guys are amazing.  your comments on my last post were just so nice, so wonderful, so supportive, and they pulled me right out of my funk.  thank you all SO much.  i heart you!

second of all, did you know the project run & play finale is up TODAY?  it is!  those three gals have put in a ton of work, countless hours planning and sewing (since november!), and have given this competition every ounce of their energy and creativity.  they are most likely completely exhausted, totally nervous, and in need of some love.  believe me, i know.  SO.  as a way to show them some support, would you do something for me?  go to project run & play and vote for your favorite designer this season?  leave a sweet comment over there if you like!  and then, if you want to be super awesome and you’re on pinterest, go ahead and take a second to pin your favorite designer’s look.  i got so excited every time i saw a pin pop up with my design on it and especially when i saw it getting some repins, so it’s a nice way to spread the word and maybe get your gal some extra votes in what is sure to be a hard-fought finish.

third of all, a number of you asked in the comments to see my PR&P signature look.  because i was sewing right up to the last minute for my party look, i wasn’t going to start my signature unless the voting was going well for me last weekend.  it didn’t, so i didn’t.  HOWEVER, since you were so awesome in bringing me back to happy and since the deadline for the home sewalong was extended, i’m going to do it!  i’m planning to sew to the same dealine as the sewalong people and will put it in the PR&P flickr pool by next thursday the 16th, though i won’t enter it for prizes.  i just want to join the rest of you guys who have been diligently sewing right alongside us the whole way, which has honestly been so cool to see.  i’d love to see some of your signature looks too, so throw ’em in there!  make something you love!  sew from your heart.  it’s the best.

and finally, i put a heart on it.  just like everybody else these days.  freezer paper stencil sparkly gold elbow patches on a store-bought t-shirt.  easy peasy and super festive!  aren’t they cuuuute?

twirly tula skirt post here.

alright, time to keep spreading the love!  vote here, then pin!  go!  🙂

10 thoughts on “gold hearts and the finale

  1. lecsmiscellany says:

    You are such an inspiration, Kristin! And such a talented lady!! Congratulations on all you have learned through this journey and congratulations on all the awesome things you created. Thanks for sharing such beautiful things with us!

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