kcwc fall 2011: day 3

Em has worn her polka dot pierrot top just about as many times as she possibly could in the week and a half since i made it (between trips through the wash).  it has turned out to be a fantastic little compromise item for a dress-loving girlie and her weather-conscious mama, because it’s pretty much the only thing she’ll wear pants with.  so i made her another one.

the fabric is a rose-colored kaffe fasset shot cotton (forgot to check for the exact color) that i picked up at bolt when i got the buttons for her hopscotch skirt.  can’t go there without buying fabric!  the neckline is bound with kona cotton from her quilt binding that matched perfectly.  i cut it on the bias again – wow, shot cotton almost acts like a jersey knit when it’s bias cut – very stretchy!

the color is another compromise – she still thinks it’s PINK, but to me it’s a little more sophisticated-feeling and matches her season.  i had been curious to see what a pierrot looked like without the ruffle, too, and i like it!  i do think this one needs a bit more embellishment, though, hence the H&M flower clip.




she spent the whole time outside smiling and sprinting back and forth along the sidewalk while her brother laughed at her and i tried to capture a few non-blurry photos before dinner.  or maybe she was just excited because it wasn’t raining…?

the pattern is still in-the-works by rae (i was a pattern tester), so watch for it!  it’s a good one.

UPDATE: the pierrot pattern is now available!  get it here.  🙂

21 thoughts on “kcwc fall 2011: day 3

  1. cate says:

    This is lovely and I love the colour in combination with her mustard legs. It’s fun, stylish and little girly all in one!

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  3. Erin says:

    I just have to tell you that this outfit is so cute. The combination of the plum and mustard is great and the top is so cute. I have been crushing on this top at Rae’s for a while and after seeing your take on the pattern I went out and purchased it! I started cutting last night and hopefully with have it done before the end of the week. One question for you, where did you get the great leggings? I have been on a hunt everywhere to find some that color and can’t seem to get my hands on them.

    • kristin says:

      Thanks, Erin!! I’d love to see what you make – be sure to throw it into the pierrot flickr pool! 🙂 I got the leggings on the clearance rack at Target a year ago. Sorry. You could try to make your own with MADE’s ruched legging tutorial and a mustard-colored t-shirt, though…?

      • Erin says:

        Thanks so much for letting me know, I will make sure to add it to the flickr pool when I am finished up. I will be on the search this weekend for a mustard colored t-shirt so I can try it out or might check out fabric.com to see if they have some similar knit fabric that will work. Keep up the great work, you are so inspiring.

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