a gender-neutral baby gift

i get it, some people like a delivery surprise.  i couldn’t wait that long to find out what i was having with either of my pregnancies, but i see how the “it’s a boy!” or “it’s a girl!” moment could be pretty special after labor and delivery.  my cousin therese, having her first baby next month, hasn’t found out what she is having.  she had a baby shower this weekend, and the “not finding out” element definitely presented a challenge for gift-giving!  i’m not a person that’s TOO hung up on gender roles, either, but it sure makes it easier to know a little more about who you’re sewing for, you know?  anyway, it’s sometimes just as fun to have restrictions.  i kind of like working that way.  gotta be more creative.

i decided to make another two projects from my now well-used and dog-eared copy of “little things to sew” by liesl gibson – the cozy winter hood (with ears!) and mittens.  i made them in an extra-small, but they fit O perfectly at 9.5 months, so i think therese & chris’ baby might get more use out of them next winter instead of this one.  both the hat and mittens are made in a supersoft white microfleece and michael miller celery ta dot flannel.

i couldn’t help myself and also appliquéd a 0-3 month onesie with little clouds.  i love the white-and- natural linen together.  these photos were taken in O’s room (which i need to finish up and do a room tour for).  isn’t the wall decal perfect for a baby’s room?  it’s by shanna murray.  i’m in love with it, and my little guy is definitely growing strong so far!

therese seemed to like the gift at the shower, and i can see myself making another of these hoods for O for the wintertime.  it came together quickly and lives up to its name – COZY!  the mittens are great too, they stayed on O’s hands despite crawling around.

happy laboring, therese!  i can’t wait to meet your little one!

19 thoughts on “a gender-neutral baby gift

  1. Holly says:

    Oh dear, that set is so incredibly sweet! I have 3 pregnant friends and I think each new baby might need a hat with ears 🙂 So nice to find your lovely blog via kojo. Have a beautiful weekend.

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