if she got a problem, yo i solve it


em wanted to bring her favorite buddy, frankie the elephant, along for a ride on her new strider bike.  stuffing frankie down her shirt didn’t work, so she tried my ergo carrier….which is just a tad bit too big.


i made a frankie carrier that’s just her size!


the pattern is the bear carrier from little things to sew, a quick and satisfying project.  she’s actually even wearing a lazy days skirt i made pre-blog (frankie makes an appearance in that picture, too)!  i didn’t plan on her wearing two oliver + s items when i was taking these photos, but they go together nicely, i think.  🙂

the carrier has a special elephant pocket (daiwabo elephants).

em picked the pink fabric when i got a bit stuck (a lovely choice – it’s sevenberry voile i first used way back here, i added interfacing under the pocket to reinforce it a bit).  i lined it with the gray sunkissed stripe by sweetwater fabric from her alice dress.

with frankie snug in her carrier, she happily brought her along as she rode (and ran) off into the sunset.  aaaah, i love the magic hour!

it’s fun sewing for her because she is usually very appreciative, especially when i’m filling a need (although my fabric selection is still very limited by her strict “favorite color” guidelines at the moment, harumph!).  pretty funny to get special requests of “mommy can you make me that?” from a 3 year old.  i love it, though, i’m not gonna lie.

word to your mother.


17 thoughts on “if she got a problem, yo i solve it

  1. gail says:

    ohhhhh, the bear (elephant) carrier! so cute!! i was just thinking about making one of these, too – lila loves to stuff her babies in her shirt so i think she’d love a proper carrier. great photos, too – way to go on the bike, em!

  2. Liesl says:

    What a wonderful post. It makes me so happy to see the carrier being used with favorite toys like this. That’s exactly what I had in mind when I was making the pattern, so thank you!

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