kcwc spring 2011: days 6 & 7

final post for the kid’s clothes week challenge.  due to a couple of ill-timed nap strikes by the little fella below, this is all i could muster.  i finished it yesterday evening, under the wire.  i have a couple of other items that i haven’t quite completed, but i’m ready to move on with other bloggie topics (like em’s 3rd birthday party!) and i’ll come back to my sewing posts in due time.

this last project, another boy applique, is a “meeting people is easy” onesie that i’m really excited about.

my husband and i are big radiohead fans, and all through college i would doodle these two little business guys from the cover of the documentary.  see them in the bottom left corner?

i love to applique onesies for my little guy, but sometimes have trouble with inspiration.  this idea just hit me one day, and i had to make it happen.
it looks like he’s sort of doing an “ok” sign with his right hand there, sooo appropriate since the documentary follows the band while they’re on tour for ok computer, right?
(baby smiling in backseat)

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