kcwc spring 2011: days 4 & 5

i fizzled out on sewing after getting home late yesterday.  a skirt is cut and partially sewn, but not finished.  then both kids went on a bit of a nap strike today (friday the 13th!), and we have out-of-town friends on their way to stay with us as i write, so i probably won’t sew again until sunday afternoon.

HOWEVER!  we  had a little photoshoot this morning, coupled with an alice-in-wonderland-backyard-breakfast-tea party-picnic.  the tea was actually cocoa.  she loved it.  please enjoy these natural light photos of the bucket hat and ruffle dress, which is a hit, by the way…

there, now i feel better.


4 thoughts on “kcwc spring 2011: days 4 & 5

  1. Amy Caroline says:

    Goodness! I just found your blog tonight and just love everything you made. I have added books to my wishlist and am going to have to get some of these patterns! You make so many beautiful things!

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