snack bag review

i’ve been pretty quiet lately because i’ve been sewing my little heart out in the background.  you guys, a new film petit is coming!!  between having a baby (me) and moving to another state (Jess) we let it slide for a few months.  but it’s back in the works, and we’re super duper pumped.

today, i don’t have a project i sewed to show you, but i do have a project that was sewn by a mama and is still pretty awesome.  just because i love to sew doesn’t mean i love to sew everything, ya know?  there are certain things that i just can never seem to sit down and actually make.

hustlemama snack bags

i think we probably all have stuff like that – some people think it’s silly to buy t-shirts, some love sewing them.  for me, it’s apparently snack bags i can’t do.  we’ve still been buying plastic even though i’ve MEANT to make some reusable ones for years.  never did.

hustlemama snack bags

enter an email from shannon from hustlemama.  i’d known of shannon for a while, but it wasn’t until she sewed a couple of my scoop tops that we started chatting on instagram.  she’s funny, she’s cool, and she’s a super hard worker.  always hustling’, that girl!  i totally respect her work ethic and her go-get-em attitude.  she offered for me to try out some of her snack and sandwich bags for back to school.  she asked what my kids were into, and sent these on over.

i told her O was into superheroes, especially spiderman, so this is his set:

hustlemama snack bags

and E is into unicorns and just girly stuff in general so i picked this set (though now i’m thinking i should have asked for these!):

hustlemama snack bags

both kids LOVE their snack bags.  like deep belly giggles when they saw them, asking to use them before i’d sent them through the wash, having trouble deciding which they liked best, the whole deal.  the bags are well-made and are lined with food-safe ripstop nylon.  washable AND adorable.

hustlemama snack bags

shannon has all sorts of cool stuff in her shop – mason jar tumblers, cloth napkins, and the ever-hilarious indiscreet zipper pouches for mama.  and she’s always adding new things!  i just love supporting handmade when i can, and boosting up gals making a living off making stuff.

hustlemama snack bags

these pouches sure make lunches more fun!  and my kids definitely fall for stuff like this – make it cute and they’re more likely to eat it.  really.  it works.

hustlemama snack bags

thanks to Shannon for sending these over for my kiddos!  and she’s offering a 15% discount to you guys with the code “SKIRTASTOP” at checkout.  the code works on all orders, not just snack bags!

hustle on over to the hustlemama shop and make your kids lunch a lot more fun (and earth friendly!).  or, you know, go ahead and nab something for yourself!

*i was sent these bags in exchange for blogging about them – i’m so grateful to Shannon taking some sewing off my plate!*

2 thoughts on “snack bag review

  1. Jenni says:

    Yay! So excited for film petit again. I finally broke down and bought a felted wallet after intending to make one for over a year. It’s nice to support other artisans, too.

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