meadow garden party dress

the spring Oliver + S patterns are here!  hooray!

there are three new patterns and they’re all pretty darn cute, as you can see in their announcement post.  i was actually a pattern tester for the Lullaby Layette and i’ll post about that later, but the Garden Party Dress (available on paper or digitally) is the one that really stood out to me as being perfect for Em as soon as i saw it.

meadow garden party dress

isn’t it just so pretty and springy and romantic?  i love it and Em does too – in fact the photoshoot went something like “hey mom let’s pretend i’m a real princess” and then her pulling out the drama like so…

meadow garden party dress

and so…

meadow garden party dress

her version of a princess is apparently quite solemn, though she hammed up a few crazy zombie faces too at the end, haha.  and yeah, we have daffodils blooming in our yard.  i’m sorry to those of you still buried in snow!  spring is coming, we promise.

meadow garden party dress

about the Garden Party Dress!  it’s got a lovely gathered bodice that, to me, looked like more work to construct than it actually was – there’s quite a bit of basting and gathering, but it still came together surprisingly fast.

meadow garden party dress

i made View A (dress with cap sleeves) in a size 4 and added 1.5” to the hem length because she’s still a beanpole.  i’m glad i added the length – it hits her just below the knee and should last her through the summer (hopefully maybe).  the pattern calls for 1.75 yards of fabric but i think i made it in 1.5 yards or less…so if you have a perfect yard and a half in your stash, you could probably make it work with careful cutting.  that’s what i’m hoping anyway, because i have quite a few cuts that size!

meadow garden party dress

the neckline facing and simple single button keyhole closure in the back lead to a quick, clean finish.  Em chose the red button.  i made an aqua thread chain out of embroidery floss (Oliver + S has a tutorial here – i just made a loop and then tied square knots around the loop string until it was reinforced into a sort of twisty friendship bracelet from my childhood type deal).

meadow garden party dress

the design gives you a chance to play with fabric choice and really change the look of the dress, which is always fun.  here i wanted to really play up the garden party theme and make it in a modern floral, so i chose a print from Leah Duncan’s gorgeous new line for Art Gallery Fabrics, Meadow.

meadow garden party dress

i love every print in the Meadow line (and everything Leah Duncan does, really), but this simple line drawing floral stood out and seemed so sweet for spring.  it’s called “Lea’s Bloom in Clearwater” and i got it at Bolt, you can find it here online.  i paired it with a royal blue kona cotton for the trim.  it’s always a risk picking blue for Em, but she approved and called it beautiful, so we were good to go.

meadow garden party dress

it felt great to sew a dress for Em, and dresses with sleeves are a must for her school dress code, so this is a practical addition to her wardrobe.

meadow garden party dress

head over to probably actually to check out Gail’s beautiful version of this dress (in another Meadow print, coincidentally!), and over to you & mie to see Cherie’s adorable layette jacket (fantastically modern fabric combo!).  and if you’re still not convinced, you can find more details on this and the other new Oliver + S patterns right here.

happy spring sewing!

p.s. i was given a copy of the garden party dress with no strings attached; my opinions are my own.


24 thoughts on “meadow garden party dress

  1. Jane says:

    Oh this dress is beautiful!! I am in love with pretty much all of Leah Duncan’s fabrics and have been drooling over her new line! And, after seeing the new Oliver + S patterns yesterday I immediately fell in love with this one, that gathering is just too cute! Beautiful dress, so sweet.

  2. Ana Sofia says:

    Love it!
    I just got my copy yesterday and really can’t wait to try it 🙂
    I love your fabric choices (how could I not? Leah Duncan print and the most gorgeous blue trim) and I reckon this would be the perfect pattern to use all the bits of fabric (leftovers) that I’ve been collecting!

  3. gail says:

    it’s so beautiful kristin! and i should know cause i saw it in real life! such a perfect style on em. and leah duncan + garden party, well, that’s a big YES in my book 😉

  4. rachel says:

    this is amazing, kristin! and i love the photos so much! they made me laugh! that hand over her heart! hahaha!
    the bodice does look complicated. i was studying it and wondering, “how did she do that? it looks like pleating, but not quite.” i love this fabric, too. and her hair! did you do that, too? indigo would be in heaven!
    i can’t wait to see the layette! <3<3<3

  5. Brienne Moody says:

    very sweet. except i am mad about your daffodils:) nice hairdo too, mama! i’m totally amazed that you are doing all of this with the new one in tow. thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Rae says:

    Aww this is so pretty. She’s getting so big waaaah! And how unfair is it that you have daffodils over there. We have -2 forecast for tonight. In. Sane.

    And yes I love everything Leah Duncan does too. Already bought about 10 yards of Meadow, considering that I am about to go down to 0 hours of free time a week that’s probably a little ridiculous, but I couldn’t resist. 🙂

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