film petit: the princess bride



film petit: the princess bride

well, mawwiage plus the epic 1987 film “The Princess Bride.”  i can’t remember the first time i saw this movie, or how many times i’ve seen it, but it’s a lot, starting in childhood.  it’s a fairy tale as told by a grandpa to his sick-in-bed grandson (Fred Savage), about the beautiful Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright) and how she is about to marry an evil Prince Humperdinck, but is kidnapped and finds herself having quite an adventure.  all the while, she tries to she keep the faith that her true love, Westley, will come back to her.

film petit: the princess bride

the movie has ACTION!  ADVENTURE!  ROMANCE!  and a big dose of COMEDY!  at Buttercup’s lowest point, when she is being forced to marry the prince against her will as her beloved Westley lays “mostly dead” in the Pit of Despair, the voice that comes out of the priest with his ridiculous speech impediment breaks all tension and you can’t help but just giggle.  there are LOTS of those silly moments in The Princess Bride – more than I remembered – and it makes it such a fun movie to watch, even as an adult.

film petit: the princess bride

the wedding scene, with it’s high drama and equally high comedic factor, is the scene i chose to sew for film petit.  Buttercup’s elaborately embellished wedding dress also seemed like something my little gal would love wearing.

film petit: the princess bride

with this outfit, i finally answered her pleas to make her a princess dress.  and i made not just any princess dress, but a princess wedding dress!

film petit: the princess bride

i started with the Oliver + S Playtime Dress and stayed pretty true to the pattern for the most part.  for the floor length skirt i just cut a long rectangle and gathered it selvedge to selvedge (it was very wide satin).

film petit: the princess bride

i made a few changes to the bodice, cutting the neckline a bit lower, splitting the front down the middle and modifying the facings to match, adding buttonholes for cording, a lace underlay, and cutting the bottom of the bodice to a curve.

film petit: the princess bride

Buttercup’s dress has an array of trim and beadwork to add texture, and i did the best i could to get that feel by adding this beautiful beaded lace flower trim and gold/white woven elastic trim to the neckline and bodice – all from the bridal section of Fabric Depot.

film petit: the princess bride

the dress is satin, also from the bridal section of the depot.  it was on clearance and i’m glad i got “good stuff” for a lower price – this is the best satin i’ve ever sewed with!  it didn’t shift on me much at all, didn’t snag easily, and it flows like water.  she loves wearing this dress and actually hangs it on her closet door when she’s not wearing it!

film petit: the princess bride

i first cut a lace cape more like a half circle to billow out under her arms, but i made a mistake and cut it too short for Em – it was only knee-length and she insisted it reach the floor!  i salvaged the rest to make the floor length version you see here.  i wish it was wider but it works.

film petit: the princess bride

so even though The Princess Bride is PG-rated (same rating as Frozen, Em and every other girl between the ages of 3 and 7’s favorite movie right now), it has a LOT more questionable content that i don’t want her to see just yet (ya know, stuff like nightmare-inducing ROUSes and torture chambers…).  the ‘80s were a wild and crazy time for movie ratings, i guess.  so Em has seen parts of The Princess Bride with whole scenes skipped over until she’s older.

film petit: the princess bride

what she has seen, though, was enough to get her in character for these photos, melancholy bride acting and all.

film petit: the princess bride

she was cracking me up.  she knew Buttercup didn’t want to get married to that awful Prince Humperdinck, and she did not crack a smile through most of this photoshoot – and when we were done, she had me pretend that the Prince’s men were after us and i was helping her escape!

film petit: the princess bride

so now it is time for you to escape, for you will surely crack a giant-sized smile when you see what Jess & Jess have in store for you today!

our guest Jess from Craftiness is not Optional had the brilliant idea to do The Princess Bride, and we said “as you wish!”  Jess sewed Buttercup and Westley the Dread Pirate Roberts and found the PERFECT photoshoot setting, too, complete with rolling hill.  really amazing work, and thanks SO much for joining us, Jess!  check it out!

my partner Jess from A Little Gray sewed up two of the three bandits that kidnap poor Buttercup but later become Westley’s allies.  it would be INCONCEIVABLE not to love Andre the Giant as Fezzik and Mandy Patinkin (or as my husband has taken to calling him, “Battleship Patinkin”) as Inigo Montoya!  she also got photos at a CASTLE.  off with you to see Jess’s post, and prepare to die (but only if you have six fingers on your right hand).


here are the guidelines for film petit:

film petit

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27 thoughts on “film petit: the princess bride

  1. kim says:

    Such a fun movie! E saw the pictures of the dress and let out a wistful sigh: “oh! That dress is so beautiful! What a nice dress-up dress!! Kristin is a really good sewer, isn’t she?” Yes, yes she is! 🙂

  2. girllikethesea says:

    It turned out so good! She must feel like a million bucks in her dress. Clover would just die over something like that. Mostly die, anyway.

  3. Brienne Moody says:

    Nice sewing on the satin, Kristin! I’ve really been wanting to make a floaty, princess dress – this was some great inspiration. And the Princess Bride!? You guys are too clever. As a child of the eighties, I fully support this choice.

  4. Lightning McStitch says:

    Soooo good. My best friend and I used to have the longest arguments about whether Westley looked better with, or without, the moustache. Em looks so in character I can imagine she’s having the same mental conversation we used to have!
    Brilliant sewing, that is the perfect princess wedding dress up

  5. beachmomof4 says:

    Too funny…my little girls watched The Princess Bride for the first time Saturday night. They were looking for a movie and came across a VHS tape of TPB that was tucked behind a bunch of DVDs. They loved the movie!

    You did a great job with the dress. You can tell she loves wearing it!

  6. Stef says:

    Amazingness, as usual!!! I can only imagine how elated she was to play this part. Your sewing is gorgeous! Thank you for doing Princess Bride – it pleases me so much. hahaha!

  7. Monica Swift says:

    Inconceivable! Oh, the memories… This is awesome, I bet she luuuuuurrrrves such a fancy dress. At least if she’s anything like my daughter. Love me some film petit, and this did not disappoint!

  8. Pinon Coffee says:

    You’re not kidding about the torture scenes being too scary. I fast-forward them to this day.

    I ADORE the Princess Bride project, by the way. Nicely done! I want to go make one of those costumes now!

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