cars pajamas by request

this guy, sometimes he just wraps me right around his finger.

car pajamas

he’s a really good errands-runner for a 3 year old.  recently i took him along to my midwife appointment, where he was very patient and quiet.  when we were back in the car, i asked if he wanted to go home or go to the fabric store with me.  HE SAID “I WANNA GO TO THE FABRIC STORE.”  i mean seriously!  

while we were there (at Bolt of course), he sat and read books at the little table they have set up for kids, then joined me to browse, went straight to this fabric, and was so excited about it, he immediately asked me if i could make him some pajamas out of it.

car pajamas

how am i supposed to resist, i ask you?  it was impossible.

car pajamas

he asked for pajama bottoms and a matching shirt, and this is what i came up with.  the pants are Rae’s Parsley Pants in a 3T.  i knew they’d be big but i wanted them that way – i’m sick and tired of these kids growing out of stuff all the time!  fabric is masquerade party by fresh designs for henry glass & co.  it’s lightweight for a quilting cotton and really nice as pajamas.

car pajamas

the shirt is the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan Tee, in a 2T with length added to the arms and body (NEWSFLASH: it’s now available as an individual PDF pattern, plus 25% off through Friday in their January Sale, which makes it less than $7!).  i already had the 2T traced from sewing it before and time was of the essence – i sewed this set during his naptime AFTER pre-washing the fabric right when we got home.  it was a 4 hour turnaround from deciding on/buying the fabric to finished product and he wore it to bed that night (plus whenever it’s been clean since then)

the raglan is two shirts from my upcycle pile, with appliqué fussy cut car patch so the tops and bottoms “match” (per his request).

car pajamas

this all still wasn’t quick enough for him, though.  as soon as we had gotten home from Bolt, he stripped down to his undies and said he was ready to put on his pajamas!  had to break it to him that i still had to actually SEW it all first.  ha!  sewing is magic to 3 year olds.  they go to sleep, wake up, and POOF – new clothes.

once i fiiiiinally finished them, though, he was an immediate fan.  O loves transportation, the color black, and comfy wear, and i love patterns that are so fast they basically sew themselves.  win-win.  😉

31 thoughts on “cars pajamas by request

  1. Jane says:

    Oh, that is some totally awesome fabric!! I know one three year old that would love some jammies made out of that fabric..but only if it was knit…and the jammies were leggings! argh! hahaha! Three year old little boys can be so adorable sometimes, right?! (sometimes, at least in my house, not adorably too though 🙂 ) Parsley pants jammies are crazy fast!

  2. Andrea says:

    What a good boy helping Mommy! Great jammies- so cozy and cute! Tell the little guy I’ll bring his phone on Thursday, unless he needs it sooner.

  3. Kelly says:

    Awwwww, he’s so cute! What a great pajama set, I like the appliqué to tie it all together. I wish my kids were good at running errands!

  4. hamsterandthebee says:

    i love that your son is so enthusiastic about the new clothes. i have to bribe and cajole to get my three year old girl into the stuff i sew for her! and thank you soooo much for the info about the raglan tee individual digital pattern AND the sale! i have already purchased it and will be sewing one next week for KCW!

    • kristin says:

      Oh I’m glad it helped you out! I think I may sew another for KCW too – it’s so fast and fits really well. The kids tend to like my sewing best when they have a hand in it or if I take their “favorite things” into account. Hampers my own creativity sometimes, but then I can just sew for myself to fix that, right?

  5. girllikethesea says:

    Such a sweet boy! His car print is pretty great too. Way to make magic happen, mama. He was really good in bolt even a year ago. My kids are monsters.

  6. gail says:

    those are the cutest! the raglan is a perfect pj tee. and any kid who asks to go to the fabric store deserves anything he desires!! that is so sweet! 🙂

  7. Heather says:

    They turned out great! And I will confirm that yes, O was indeed a very, very good boy while shopping—an absolute little gentleman. Can’t wait to see what you do with the Nani Iro shimmery dots!

    • kristin says:

      aw thanks heather!! and thanks for your help! i brought that nani iro home and Em said her Elsa dress needed to be BLUE, so I think i’m now saving it for myself. harrumph!

  8. rachel says:

    what a sweetie, wanting to go to the fabric store. when i was in portland (the summer before we adopted tia) i went to bolt. so, yeah, it’s kinda crazy knowing that landmark! hope you’re feeling well in these final weeks. can’t wait to see pictures of your newest little guy!

  9. lucinda says:

    talk about quick turn-around! Wow – I’m super impressed:) My enthusiasm for projects that seemed to urgent in the fabric store usually get pushed to the back burner by the time I get home:) And I am most impressed by your son’s willingness to go fabric shopping with you . . . though if his flexibility results in such cute pi’s, why wouldn’t he want to go fabric shopping?:)

  10. sanae says:

    Love it!! He’s such a sweetie 🙂 It was always hit or miss taking K to the fabric store when she was little. She liked to hide amid the bolts and give me heart attacks. Nowadays I don’t go to fabric stores as often, but she likes looking through all the catalogs for kids’ costumes!

  11. Inder says:

    OMG! Cutest story every, and cutest pjs! I love that he’s stripping down immediately, like “okay, where are my new pajamas, mom? MOOOOM?!” I love both of those patterns and want to do a quick pair of PJs for Joe this KCW …

  12. mjb says:

    That’s the same attitude my son had when I made him some pajamas! Where are my new jammies? Where’s the matching shirt? He has a hard time with the idea of cutting fabric, though…he found a scrap of a pillow I made him and still begs me to “fix” it by taping that scrap back on a couple years later.

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