rainbow slouchy beanie

while i was taking my class at close knit, i had fun wandering around touching the different yarns, admiring the colors and varying degrees of softness, learning about weights, the usual “getting to know this new medium” type stuff.  and then i found a yarn that was so perfect for my little gal and decided to make her a hat even though she didn’t need one.

slouchy pink rainbow hat

it’s pink, but it’s also rainbow-y!  it’s soft, it’s worsted weight – lighter weight yarn than i’d ever knit with before, but not so tiny it was scary…it was perfect.  it’s the first “real” yarn i bought and yes, good yarn makes a big difference (just like good fabric does while sewing!).  it’s by cascade yarns – superwash paints in rainbow sherbet and i loved knitting with it.

slouchy pink rainbow hat

i thought it’d be cute to make her a slouchy beanie, and asked Tara what pattern she liked – she suggested the Graham (free on Ravelry).  my teacher said by age 5 or 6 a kid can wear adult hat patterns, so i cast on the adult medium size from the pattern started work on the ribbing.

slouchy pink rainbow hat

at a certain point, i decided i didn’t need the broken rib texture to add interest to the main body of the hat – the yarn had so much going on color-wise, i stuck with my sewing philosophy of “loud fabric?  use a simple pattern” and hoped it’d apply to knitting too.

slouchy pink rainbow hat

so after i was done with about 2.5” of k1p1 ribbing, i just knit in the round until it measured about 7.5” from the edge, then started my decrease (i had to look up how to do that evenly).  i first knitted a row adding a marker every 12 stitches, so with the next round i could just get to the last two stitches before each marker and knit them together rather than having to count.  i love how the decreased part looks with the little ridges!  once it got too tight for my needles (i don’t know how to use double pointed needles so i just did it all on circulars) i just cinched up the last bit and added a pom pom.  as you do.  🙂

slouchy pink rainbow hat

i blocked the hat and let it dry overnight with the crown stretched over a dinner bowl (my first time blocking!).  it definitely helped add to the slouchiness, though it stretched out the brim a little more than i wanted.

it still fits her fine, just a teensy bit loose.

slouchy pink rainbow hat

oh!  i should talk quickly about her skirt too – i made it for her first day of school and felt like it was too simple to blog on its own…but it goes so nicely with her hat, i figured i could throw it in here, okay?

briar rose skirt

the fabric is the popular (with good reason!) briar rose by heather ross – hex bee in lilac.  i basically sewed a lazy days skirt with no ribbon, and slapped a shot cotton hexi pocket on there for fun.  she’s worn it quite a bit in the last few months.

briar rose skirt

in this outfit, all layered and cozy and pink and purple, i think she looks like a little rasta grandma.  🙂

slouchy pink rainbow hat

i keep thinking that, as a beginner, i should knit something bulkier, something with immediate gratification just to practice the whole process and get more projects under my belt, but i really like the look of the thinner yarns and the shapes those creations take, ya know?  can’t help it.  and i’m pretty much in love with this hat on top of her head.

slouchy pink rainbow hat

peace out.

more hat details here on Ravelry.

15 thoughts on “rainbow slouchy beanie

  1. Anna Graham says:

    I love love the hat, it’s the perfect colors like you said. I can see her loving it. And the skirt/outfit, just like peas and carrots. Also, I”m so jealous of your outdoor space, it’s looks so cool. Like a movie.

  2. Heidi says:

    When I’m learning something new, I’ve discovered that I like to jump right in there and do things that are way too hard for a beginner, otherwise I just get bored. I learned how to knit when I was about 8 or 9 but my mom only taught me the knit stitch and I was just sick of my scarf three inches in. It wasn’t until she taught me how to do the purl stitch and how to knit mittens in the round on dpns that I really got into it. And I’ve always knitted with worsted weight or lighter, so you’re all good. 🙂

    • kristin says:

      i love that thought and think you’re right – i’m sure i’d get bored pretty fast if all i was doing was garter stitch scarves in one color. thank you! 🙂

  3. girllikethesea says:

    She looks so cute in her yummy looking yarn hat. I agree about liking the finer yarns. The hat I knit before coming to Oregon last year was with SOCK. It took a long time to show any progress, but it’s so delicate and the drape is nice.

  4. rachel says:

    i love this hat so much. and i love the outfit and moccasins, too, which says a lot because i’m not normally a big fan of the color pink. yet this is perfect. the photo of her eye is so awesome. and she has the same color eyes as me! ❤ 🙂

  5. Laurel says:

    This is a fantastic knit hat – love how it drapes and I just adore her whole outfit. When it comes to yarn, I just buy what looks pretty and feels good and try to make it work – and if it doesn’t there is always something else to knit with it. But, I do like thinner yarns b/c I feel like I can see the stitching better.

  6. Brienne Moody says:

    Beautiful work, Kristin! It sounds like you have the knitting bug:) I totally agree about the lighter weight fabric. Now, I think it’s time to cast yourself on a spring sweater. Do it!

  7. Rae says:

    super cute hat!!! love that cutiepie. And I’m the “knit only with bulky” gal — love the instant gratification. Started a baby sweater in worsted that will probably be done when he’s 15.

  8. Kelly says:

    I love this hat! It’s so cute on her and your knitting looks so good, all nice and even…I haven’t bought any bulky yarns yet either, but I saw a sweater pattern that uses bulky and I am tempted.

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