dove gray honey cowl

i finished my honey cowl and boy is it cozy!

gray honey cowl

i am a self-professed scarf addict – i have lots of them, both store-bought and handmade, and never feel like i have too many because i wear one basically every day.  it did seem natural then for my first knitting class project to be a scarf…or cowl to be specific.  FOR MYSELF.

gray honey cowl

and hey – my coat still (barely) buttons…or it did last week when these photos were taken.  probably wouldn’t this week…

anyway.  i love love love my squishy soft honey cowl.  my yarn and pattern notes are here on Ravelry, which is where knitters put details about projects I’m told.

gray honey cowl

it was an easy project to knit but took longer than expected for a few reasons – one being i’m very slow (a look at my teacher’s speedy fingers and that was totally obvious), but also because this yarn/needle combo was more delicate than i’d used before, and i guess when you slip stitches it takes longer for the work to build up too.  so this took me two and a half weeks of a lot of knitting time (road trip, relaxing weekend over Thanksgiving, multiple movies, etc.) but it seems that might actually be kinda fast by knitting standards?  i feel like the time spent really needs to be emphasized though – this did not just come together in a weekend!

and that makes it even more special.

gray honey cowl

knitting is funny too – because i can do it in public, it opens me up to more interested glances and sweet comments from strangers, especially from older ladies, especially at the hospital lab where i had to sit and wait through the pregnant lady torture that is the 3 hour glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes (i flunked the 1 hr test but all was fine with the 3 hr, no worries!).  i even had a dad ask about it while i knitted at Em’s ballet class!

gray honey cowl

another funny thing with knitting versus sewing where i’m really fine with people knowing it’s handmade.  i’m not sure what that is, but when i sew i kinda want those creations to “pass as store-bought” even if that store is a boutique or something, whereas when i knit i love if people see that i made it, that it didn’t come from a random store.   it got noticed with a “did you knit that?” at a hipster craft bazaar i went to, which totally made my day.  mistakes and all, i’m proud of this little cowl!

gray honey cowl

so yep, it’s warm, seems to go with everything, and i’m happy it’s off my needles and around my neck!

i’ve got a simple hat for Em going now which is knitting up much more quickly, and will be my first time using “real yarn” rather than cheap stuff  – it’s from Close Knit, the cute little yarn shop where I took my class (AHEM it’s next door to Bolt) and i’m very excited about how it’s turning out.  i’ve had to go into more of a sewing production mode lately as Christmas crunch time approaches, though, so we’ll see how much time i can grab for it.

are you frantically sewing/knitting for Christmas?  nothing is truly “last minute” until Christmas Eve, that’s my motto.


16 thoughts on “dove gray honey cowl

  1. Elizabeth says:

    What a lovely cowl! I love all the conversations that knitting allows as well. Look forward to seeing Em’s hat. And I love your motto about last minute- because there is a whole lot of sewing and knitting that needs to happen over here!

  2. Kelly says:

    This turned out so pretty! We have been in Close Knit a few times lately, they are super nice in there. We have a road trip coming up and I have a few knitting projects lined up, including this cowl 🙂 I am not making any Christmas presents this year! First time in a long time…but I did most of my Christmas shopping on Etsy, so I am still giving handmade (just not by me!)

  3. Jessica says:

    It looks totally profesh. Definitely can’t see any of these mistakes you speak of. And I just realized I have yet to wear a scarf yet this year, even though it’s been in the 20’s all month. I should make 2014 the year of the scarf and if I win, you will have to knit me this. (huh?)

  4. Sanae says:

    Oh, you’re so darling, Kristin! Love the cowl and I want to make one for myself…my past attempts have been kinda lackluster, but maybe it’s time to try again…

  5. Caroline says:

    Congrats on knitting for self! I used to do that. You might have inspired me to get something on the needles before our trip to CA next week! You look great little prego! Oh and I too failed that first glucose test with my third pregnancy. So hard to drink the massive quantity they give you for that 3 hour test!

  6. girllikethesea says:

    you’re right about knitted items and being fine with people thinking you made them. It looks custom when you knit something.

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