my canadian tuxedo

pretty exciting development in the world of women’s sewing – Liesl Gibson, creator of the fantastic children’s pattern brand  Oliver + S (and my sewing mentor), recently announced the release of three new women’s patterns!  i knew adult patterns were coming (she mentioned them at Quilt Market) but had no idea what they’d look like or whether they’d work with my pregnant belly.  when i got an email from her with the patterns attached last week, i fell in love and rushed to the fabric store that same day.

chambray weekend getaway blouse

i plan to sew all three of the new patterns eventually, but first i decided to tackle the weekend getaway blouse.

chambray weekend getaway blouse

okay no, i’m lying.

i actually planned to sew the late lunch tunic, and bought this great chambray shirting from Mill End specifically for that pattern, buuuut then i flew down to visit Jess last weekend (more on that later) and she had already sewn up her version of the weekend getaway in the exact size i measured, so i got to try on her finished blouse to see how it fit (when is that possible in sewing?  not often!).

between liking how hers looked on me and having her pattern pieces all taped and cut out, i went ahead and sewed it up with the fabric i’d brought along.  lazy, or opportunistic?  you be the judge.

chambray weekend getaway blouse

this blouse would typically be a quick sew, but it was pretty much my slowest – lots of chatting, not much sewing!  so fun to sew with company, though.  i got it most of the way made while i was there and finished it up once i got home, and i’m kind of in love with it!  i feel like the fit is slimming and easy to wear, especially with my oxymoronic maternity skinny jeans (hence the canadian tuxedo post title).

chambray weekend getaway blouse

i felt totally comfortable tackling this pattern, which looks and feels exactly like the Oliver + S patterns i adore.  (Edit: it comes in sizes 0-16 and there’s also a 3/4 sleeved dress option!) there are cool details (exposed facing in the front, smart pockets, opportunity for contrast topstitching) and i feel like i could sew this pattern in a range of different fabrics and options and it wouldn’t look like i just made the same thing 3 times.

chambray weekend getaway blouse

i love that it’s sized nicely too – none of that “this pattern says i’m a 16 but i usually wear a 6” funny business going on, which is a HUGE peeve of mine with commercial patterns.

chambray weekend getaway blouse

i also appreciate that it’s loose fitting enough for me to sew with no adjustments for my 21 week belly – it definitely won’t last me the whole pregnancy, but i know it’ll fit afterwards.

Liesl’s goal with these new Liesl + Co. patterns is to give us interesting, wearable designs that are approachable and not too difficult to sew.  she’s starting off with basics to help us all build confidence in sewing for ourselves, then she expects to add more of the “tricky tailoring stuff” with future patterns.

i’m totally on board with that plan.


i was sent the weekend getaway blouse + dress pattern at no cost, with no strings attached.  all this gushing is of my own free will.

you can find fabric to create a similar look online at my sponsor Drygoods Design here and here!

my jeans are from when i was pregnant with O – similar here.  my comfy moccasins are Minnetonka (affiliate link). 


39 thoughts on “my canadian tuxedo

  1. Jessica says:

    I love this so much on you! Can’t wait to make one. Yesterday at work, I was scheming to take home some chambray for the everyday skirt. Then someone bought all of the bolt I wanted. Boo.

  2. honeymadeit says:

    Thank you for the close up view of the details. I will be making this for my grown daughters. I wish it came in my size. I think I will be studying on how to grade a pattern up a size or two. Love it.

  3. Mary says:

    So cute. I was just wondering looking at yours if it could also be made with a long sleeve (it’s cold here in NH!) and the pattern comes with both a longer sleeve and a dress option. Perfect!!

  4. Andrea says:

    Baby boy is getting big! Another 9-pounder on the way! 😉 Such a pretty blue- I bet it really brings out your eyes! Good job, sis!

  5. girllikethesea says:

    So cute, Kristin! Makes me want to get sewing for myself now. I like the way the collar curves at the top. It’s a nice feminine detail.

    • kristin says:

      you really should! then you can make whatever sleeve length you want – sometimes it’s nice to get away from kid pickiness and just deal with your OWN pickiness. 😉

  6. Liesl says:

    You look great! Hey, since you’re wearing it as an early-maternity top, you could also add a little elastic casing at the inside back waist to cinch it up a bit and give it a different look. Could be darling! I’m really glad you like the pattern.

  7. suneye13 says:

    LOVE!! I debated whether to make the dress in chambray — we would have been total twinsies then 🙂 and you are such an adorable pregnant mama!

  8. Gjeometry says:

    Very cute top! I’ve seen the tunic already sewn up and it was very flattering (at least on Nettie). This one looks great on you and you could totally take in the sides and wear it when you are not pregnant. I was intrigued by your blogpost title, I had no idea what a Canadian tuxedo was and I thought perhaps you were going to sew a hockey jersey. 🙂

  9. Robin says:

    This looks so awesome, Kristin! Hooray for tops that work during pregnancy and will still fit in the spring. I’m so excited for you and your family!!

  10. Nina says:

    Ah, lovely fabric choice, it looks great! Did you make some changes to the front detail? It looks a bit different somehow – like the placket and the collar part (the bit that falls open) aren’t all one piece?? ‘Canadian tuxedo’ is a new one on me too, but I’ll be incorporating it into my vocabulary now!

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