reglisse in white for bolt

i’m so lucky to have multiple awesome fabric stores within about a 30 minute drive of my house, but it’s no secret that “my store,” my favorite spot, the place i love to buy fabric, is Bolt Fabric Boutique.  Bolt is a relatively small shop, but it is well-curated, which means all those designer fabrics you see online and lust after are likely to turn up at Bolt (i saw my first live-and-in-person Heather Ross fabric there!).  they’ve also have non-quilting fabrics – knits, canvas, flannel, shot cotton, felt, etc., plus a selection of independent patterns, books, notions, you name it.

reglisse in white

i’ve been shopping at Bolt since 2009, love to take out of town sewing friends there to visit, and i’m so excited that they asked me to guest post for their blog today!

reglisse in white

i made the Deer & Doe Réglisse Dress in a summery Robert Kaufman seersucker, all found at Bolt (the fabric was provided, I purchased the pattern).  what a sweet dress to sew and wear!  for more info, come check out my post about this dress, and visit Bolt soon to see this dress in person!  it’ll be on sample display in the shop (eeek!).

if you’re a local, you’re gonna wanna follow the Bolt blog for updates on what’s new in the shop, sales, and all that good stuff.  i’ve definitely made a trip over after seeing they have something in stock that i was waiting for…so…beware of the temptation.  OH and if you’re not in the Portland area, Bolt takes phone orders for fabric and will ship!

>>> come see my Réglisse!  <<<

bolt fabric boutique

* * *

23 thoughts on “reglisse in white for bolt

  1. Nancy says:

    Great dress! BTW you mentioned multiple awesome fabric stores in the Portland area. I will be in Portland in the next couple of weeks and would love any suggestions of fun fabric stores to visit. Thanks!

    • kristin says:

      Yes! The fabric stores I shop at most are Bolt and Cool Cottons (both are awesome indie stores with nicely curated selections), Fabric Depot (more for quilting cotton), and Mill End (more for apparel). I also like Josephine’s Dry Goods downtown for their button selection if you end up downtown, and it’s next door to Knit Purl, a pretty great yarn store.

      If you do visit Bolt, check out Pine State Biscuits for breakfast/lunch (the line might be long, but hopefully you get lucky and it’s not) or Salt & Straw Ice Cream for super yummy ice cream! And enjoy Portland!! 😀

  2. rachel says:

    wow, kristin, you look stunning! i am so inspired by the way you choose to sew for yourself, not only your kids. in my experience, sewing for myself is so much harder. you are so very talented. this looks great on you and i love that delicate necklace paired with it. happy friday!

  3. Kelly says:

    It is so pretty Kristin! I was just looking through past entries on the Bolt blog…that place is going to be dangerous for me, so much good stuff!! I have a few Deer and Doe patterns, I need to get busy sewing them!

  4. girllikethesea says:

    This really is a pretty dress! Too bad you can’t keep it around for date night ^_^ I’ll bet em would freak over a mini version

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