best of summer patterns – the popover sundress

today i’m guest posting over at CailaMade for her Best of Summer series! i’m pretty sure it’s summer all year round on Caila’s blog, though, honestly – such a happy place. and if you’re looking to do some father’s day sewing, she’s got the perfect tutorial for you!

rainbow butterfly dress

while the series is for pattern reviews and new sewing wasn’t required, i just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make my favorite summer girl pattern – the FREE popover sundress by Oliver + S!

rainbow popover sundress

it’s the first pattern i ever sewed from pieces back in 2009, as i explain in my post over at Caila’s blog. if you read sewing blogs because you want to learn how to sew but haven’t taken the leap yet, this is the perfect pattern to try first! i promise!

rainbow butterfly popover sundress

i sewed this dress for Em in Anna Maria Horner’s incredible Ghost Wing Linen in Dusk. first i saw Gail’s supertote, then i saw Laura’s roly poly pinafore, and resistance was futile. i picked it up at Bolt the first chance i got (they take orders by phone, FYI!).

it’s really one of the most gorgeous prints i’ve ever seen. just sewing with it made me feel really happy. bad thing is, i only got a half yard and needed to make it work with a contrast band (in michael miller cotton couture in violet). good thing is, Em looooooves rainbows and butterflies and purple and fell for it at first glance!

rainbow popover sundress

she’s about to take flight…

rainbow butterfly dress

and there she goes!

rainbow butterfly dress

this dress gives her wiiiiiiiiiiings!

rainbow butterfly popover sundress

head on over to CailaMade to read my “real” pattern review post, see almost every popover sundress that i’ve made over the years (most are pre-blog!) and learn more about why i love this pattern so much!

* * *

32 thoughts on “best of summer patterns – the popover sundress

  1. anna says:

    it’s so pretty! she looks so beautiful in those colors. 🙂 I want warm weather to come here so we can start wearing summer clothes regularly!

  2. rachel says:

    this is so beautiful. i love all of your extra special touches – the handmade bias binding, the fabric under the yoke and the contrasting band at the hem. so lovely.

  3. dandeliondrift says:

    I LOVE this fabric! I’ve been seeing it pop up everywhere and it is just beautiful! And your dress turned out great!

  4. Meghan says:

    Love this! That fabric is just so pretty! Between Gail’s super tote and now your popover dress, I just might need to purchase some 😉

  5. lucinda says:

    Oh, to have a store like Bolt in my neck of the woods . . . one can dream:) Such a beautiful dress – the fabric is just perfect for it!

  6. Heidi says:

    AMAZING FABRIC!!!!! I am in love with this! This pattern is a great one to let the fabric do all the work. I really like the added width as well. Looks breezier – if that is a word. Great work!

  7. Laura says:

    I’m having daily battles with myself not to order yards more of this fabric, it’s so stunning. I think I’d be in trouble if I lived near Bolt. This dress is absolutely gorgeous – love the little bits of contrast you used. I’m going to have to try this pattern now I’ve started sewing for girls. Thanks for the mention 🙂

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