tried & true at true bias

thanks so much for the scoop top love!  i’m so excited that you’re excited about it.  i have an earlier “wearable muslin” version to show you a little later this week, BUT FIRST!

today i’m guest posting over at True Bias about my favorite Tried & True pattern that has totally changed the way i’m able to sew/design.  you’ll need to go click on over there to find out what it is, but here’s a hint – Cameron Frye, Coraline, Super Mario, and a pink elephant all have it in common…got a guess?

tried and true

head on over to True Bias to see if you’re right!

and while you’re there, don’t miss a some of my favorite projects of Kelli’s – her darling ranges,  her tie dyed maxi, and her toddler swing tank (free 2T pattern) to name a few!  Kelli is a big inspiration for me – her creations are really well done and watching her sew such an amazing wardrobe for herself makes me want to do the same thing!

have a great Monday!

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