deer for days geranium dress

bringing home a post i did for StraightGrain’s weekly “Kids Clothes – Belgian Style” series.  i kicked off the series a few weeks ago, and since my post, there have been three super fantastic guest posts you should check out – Suburbia Soup, Crafterhours, and Groovybaby…and mama!  i’ve loved every one and can’t wait to see what the next guests have in store.  

anyway, i just had to have this deer geranium dress living on my own blog – it still cracks me up every time i see it.  Made by Rae Patterns is a sponsor now too, which i’m totally psyched out of my mind about, since i sew her patterns all the time and love them to bits!  she’s a huge role model and i’m so happy to have her.  welcome, Rae!  🙂


Hello StraightGrain readers!  I’m especially excited that An invited me to be a guest in this series – why?  Because I had actually made this dress a couple days before she even emailed me, inspired by An herself!  I laughed out loud when I got her invitation to participate, it was so perfectly-timed.  Talk about serendipity.

deer for days geranium dress

When I saw An’s deer dress, I thought it was pretty much genius.  And then she made her cow dress and it was immediately elevated to “must make” status for me.  I LOVED it.

deer for days geranium dress

Honestly, this type of pastoral/photographic print is in the section of the fabric store I tended to give a wide berth, assuming it was for hunters and people looking to make curtains for their cabins in the woods.  Never in a million years would I have had the foresight to gravitate toward a print with deer all over it to make a dress for my little gal, but BEHOLD!  An had me doing just that.  It’s not the type of look you see in America too often, but I’m hoping we can change that because it’s fantastic.

deer for days geranium dress

I have the same philosophy as An where I think a loud print pairs best with a simple silhouette, so I used the Made by Rae Geranium Dress pattern, which is really well-written and versatile.  I made it in a 3T with a 4T skirt – options are scoop neck, faux cap sleeve, pleated skirt.  My daughter loves it.

deer for days geranium dress

As I browsed An’s Kid’s Clothes Belgian Style Pinterest board, I noticed a few trends in styling – colorful belts, rain boots, brightly colored tights, white backgrounds.  I had no idea that Belgians had such a specific style, but it’s so inspirational to me – I love the playfulness and lighthearted attitude of the outfits, which have very classic silhouettes.  I want to make more!

deer for days geranium dress

Living in a pretty gray and rainy place (Portland, Oregon, USA), people tend to layer up around here a lot, so it’s especially fun to add bright pops of color to the mix.  I made the belt in golden shot cotton, left over from my daughter’s Sunshine Dress.  It has sunshiny buttons, too.

deer for days geranium dress

I got my fabric locally, and the selvedge says “Sanctuary by Wade Butler for Wilmington Prints.”

deer for days geranium dress

To play with the forest-y theme even more, I lined it with a woodgrain print (Tina Givens for Free Spirit).  I think kid’s clothes should have an element of fun to them, which is why I’m falling so hard for Belgian style.

deer for days geranium dress

Thanks so much for having me, An!


15 thoughts on “deer for days geranium dress

  1. Kathy S says:

    I love this fun dress! Belgium is my adopted home, having lived here for 12+ years. I can tell you that there is most certainly a definitive style in clothing here, especially for kids. Bright colors are a must, as we live so many of our days under a cover of gray clouds. We are blessed with two cultures, french and flemish, diverging to create a rich cultural blend in everything from food to fashion. Can you tell I love my BE? 😉

  2. straightgrain says:

    Your fabulous deer dress kicked off the series, and I’m so proud of all four guest posts so far… As I’ve explained in the introduction to your guest post a few weeks ago: if it wasn’t for you I would have never had the guts to start the series. Thank you so much Kristen! x an

  3. Rae says:

    ooh totally cute!! and I’m thinking Em’s dress closet may be starting to rival Clementine’s as far as sheer volume is concerned??

    So question: did you attach that adorable little ribbon somehow or is it just staying there magically? Was thinking of adding ribbon so that it tucked into the back somehow, but I like how yours goes right across the back.

    • kristin says:

      i think you’re right – i keep meaning to take a photo of her closet, but it’s a bit overwhelming to see them all lined up, even to me!

      no, it’s not attached – just tied magically in the perfect spot for a 5 minute photoshoot. 😉 could always tack it down along the front (or at the sides) and tie in the back, though? or hide the ends in the back closure (i did that with piping on the O+S bubble dress once:

  4. Jeifner says:

    Ever since seeing your deer dress, and this series, I’ve been looking at all these animal/wildlife prints to see if any would work for a little dress. They seem to always be on sale but I haven’t found the right one yet. I think they and the clothes so far are great.

  5. Gwen says:

    Can’t tell you how much I love this! My husband is a huge outdoorsman and would never take her out of this dress. This is so on my project list. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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