single feather pillow

Em’s school has its annual auction coming up, and while i have been mostly flying under the radar as far as my sewing knowledge goes (no requests to make the class quilt, phew!), i did decide to make something to donate to the silent auction (and earn fundraising credit) –  a feather pillow!

single feather pillow

the block pattern is from Anna Maria Horner’s feather bed quilt, and if it looks familiar, it’s because i already made one for Caila around Christmastime.  i had even saved a couple extra feather halves for this purpose.  this time, i went with just a single feather against yarn dyed black essex for a bolder statement.

single feather pillow

i quilted it with some red/blue/purple variegated thread (never used that before, kinda fun) and i hope it’s not too crazy looking for the school auction attendees because i want them to bid it up – you know, for the kids!  it closes with a zipper.

single feather pillow

the back is leaves and berries from hello pilgrim by lizzy house.  i only got a fat quarter but need more – it’s so pretty.

single feather pillow

i can’t remember how big the pillow is, sorry – sort of a lumbar size i guess?  i wanted to keep it – maybe if it doesn’t get many bids at the auction i’ll just buy it back.  😉

oh so here’s a confession – i rarely, like almost never, buy fabric online.  i’m spoiled to have four awesome fabric stores within about 20 minutes of my house that each serve a different purpose depending on what i need, PLUS a JoAnn, PLUS a little shop near work just in case i need a thread run on my lunch break.  i love being able to touch and see my fabric before buying it and have built good relationships with the gals at Bolt, especially.  but this local convenience does pose a bit of a problem with blogging, since none of the stores I shop at have much of a web shop presence (my first lovely fabric sponsor, Britex Fabrics, has amazing fashion fabrics online but not much in the way of quilting cottons, which i sew with often).

enter my newest sponsor, Pink Castle Fabrics.

pink castle fabrics

i reached out to them because i wanted a place to link to when i’m posting my projects so non-locals have a place to actually buy the fabric if you like it.  i browsed a few online shops before contacting Pink Castle.  i love their general shop aesthetic, and they stock almost all of my favorite designers, so i knew pretty quickly that they’d be a great fit.  want to go drool over some fabric/add to your stash?  here are my favorite lines that Pink Castle has in stock right now:

Lizzy House – Constellations

Carolyn Friedlander – Architextures

Rashida Coleman-Hale – Tsuru

Anyan – Cotorienne

Essex Yarn Dyed Linen

plus so much more!!  Brenda, the owner, has a really great eye.  Pink Castle is in the process of opening a storefront (in Michigan), which is very cool too.  oh and have you heard of Camp Stitchalot?  how fun does THAT look?!  anyway, i’m so happy to have them as a sponsor and i hope you’ll check them out.

now to pick out an outfit for the auction (it’s a “through the decades” theme and her class is assigned to the ’90s which i guess means the husband and i are supposed to dress like that for the event.  doc martens and plaid shirts?  not the fanciest decade ever…).

PS – film petit is coming!  


17 thoughts on “single feather pillow

  1. Cindy says:

    I have to giggle at the flying under the radar comment…I do the same! BK ratted me out this year. Though the only thing I’ve been asked to do (so far) was to cut out strips of brown fabric for a Thanksgiving craft.

    The pillow looks great! I’m sure it will get tons of bids.:)

  2. carolyn says:

    I love this feather design (I want to make a whole quilt of them…sigh…maybe someday)! Such a fantastic pillow…I hope that people appreciate the beauty of it and that it brings in heaps and heaps of money for her school 🙂

  3. Jeifner says:

    Beautiful feather pillow. Thought I’d let you know that I’ve shopped with Pink Castle before and have had only good experiences. Nice fabrics, great service, good shipping, fun sale section and amazing basics.

  4. Sanae says:

    Awesome pillow! I’m sure it will rake in the big bucks, I want to bid on it myself! And your new sponsor seems like a lovely shop – I’m like you and never buy fabric online but I’m starting to see lots of super cute online fabric stores lately which might make me a convert…

  5. gail says:

    oh it’s so pretty! such a cool pattern, and is there anything that doesn’t look great made up in black essex linen?? i think not. let’s hope those auction-goers have good taste 🙂

  6. Laura. says:

    LOVE your feather design. I really do love your deco-like stuff. It is a style I love, but have never gotten to live with.

    And I *totally* understand flying under the radar. It isn’t so bad this year at my daughter’s playschool, but last year was rough. Between the teachers wanting me to teach them to sew and the auctions, I thought I’d never get anything made for us here at home. And I agreed to provide something for this years auction too even though we have moved. Heavens, what have I gotten myself in to?

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