two little sweetheart dresses

it’s almost valentine’s day already!  how did that happen?  i feel like i was just making christmas presents.  i must be getting old – get off my lawn!

valentine sweetheart dress

anyway, valentine’s day is just around the corner, and when it comes the most perfect valentine dress pattern, you can’t go wrong with the sweetheart dress by luvinthemommyhood!

valentine sweetheart dress

this is the second time i sewn this cute little dress – i blogged about Em’s here.  i made this dress for my niece to wear on her birthday, whose party was delayed a bit due to the slightly earlier than expected (but not TOO early) birth of her new little sister!  of course Em wore her dress for the photo op, too.  i just couldn’t help myself.

valentine sweetheart dress

they had too much fun in their matching dresses.  literally.  one of my more difficult photoshoots ever.  these two little girlies were moving CONSTANTLY and thought it was funny to run away and hide under a bed rather than let me take photos.  SO.  i’m lucky to get what i did.  there were bribes involved to get them to hold still – what can i say, they sure do love playing together!

valentine sweetheart dress

for my niece’s dress, i made it in lizzy house outfoxed triangles (from bolt).  i added mint green piping between the bodice and skirt as a fun little detail.  the button is pink and sparkly.

valentine sweetheart dress

my niece is more average in her proportions than Em is, so the heart fits her even better!  she doesn’t wear dresses too often, but she seemed to really love twirling in this one.

valentine sweetheart dress

pretty great little spring dress, eh?  you can buy the sweetheart dress pattern right here.  as i mentioned before, there is a little bit of a different method of joining the lining and outer due to the cutout – be sure to read the directions carefully and let shannon guide you on through, and you’ll quickly make one of the sweetest dresses in the land!

valentine sweetheart dress

are you doing homemade or store bought valentines this year?  it’s Em’s first year at school, and we just went with store bought.  but then Anna posted this super cute duo of free printables and i’m sorry we had already bought some!  so cute, you guys.  gotta remember it for next year.

happy valentine’s day!

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20 thoughts on “two little sweetheart dresses

  1. Cindy says:

    Adorable! The heart cut out on the back is too cute.

    We will be doing homemade this year. Probably the same as last year…a photo of the girl(s) with a lollipop in their outstretched hand(s).

  2. Stef says:

    Super cute, Kristin!! I love the two of them together!!

    I totally just bought Nerds Valentine’s at the grocery store – didn’t even take Liv to pick out her own – she said she doesn’t want to do Valentine’s this year – what??!?!! must be an awkward stage?? so I store bought the candy ones. if she doesn’t care, I’m not going to care.

  3. dana says:

    these are so cute Kristin! I love girls playing together and being girly 🙂
    And yea. we’re doing store-bought. I feel like a DIY blog fail there. But it was soooo much easier. Can’t do it all, right? Next year yes.

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