it’s flashback friday!

oh hey! hope you had a good week. i was out of town for work for half of it, and i’m sure enjoying being back home to my little ones and husband again. the one nice thing about out of town work trips is i now have blog pals all over the country, and this time i got to meet Carolyn, a longtime favorite blogger of mine (this post is one of the greatest ever). so nice to meet you, Carolyn!

today i’m over at Sew Much Ado as a part of Abby’s flashback friday series. i’m so grateful to Abby for asking me to be a part of this series – i’ve really enjoyed reading about early projects, high school prom dresses, sewing from the heart.

it really got me thinking about why i love to sew, which has seemed to come to me in a way that feels very natural – almost like it was waiting for me to discover it all my life. i grew up hearing the sounds of my mom sewing, watching her cut patterns and put together beautiful garments, and wearing clothes she made. i need to find some examples of her sewing and show that off sometime. but today, i’m going waaaay back to 1940 and talking about my dad’s mother, my grandma, and the beginning of her sewing journey.

flashback friday

one night recently, i came across a package my grandma had left to me when she died a couple years ago but i hadn’t ever opened. what i found when i opened it struck me in a really emotional way and made me certain that sewing is in my blood…won’t you come read about my discovery?

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