polka dot geranium dress

happy new year!

i know a bunch of my sewing blog buddies have been doing 2012 recap / 2013 goal setting posts, and since so much happened for me with this blog in 2012 i still might do that, but right now i feel more like blogging this dress!

geranium snowflake dress

it’s Made by Rae‘s newest release, the Geranium Dress. you know how i love Rae’s patterns, and i think every time she releases a new one i say “she just keeps getting better and better” but it’s really true. i was a pattern tester for this dress and i only had nitpicky type comments for her, really; it was already a high quality pattern even before the testers got our hands on it! I think this could work as a “first pattern from pieces” dress for a beginning sewist ready to tackle buttons and pleats; it’s all explained so well.

geranium snowflake dress

this pattern is also Rae’s response to requests for a “mini washi dress (remember when i made one myself but had the big head problem?), but Rae also built this pattern to give the sewer oodles of options to make a different dress every timeโ€ฆcheck this out:

geranium dress options

three sleeve options, two skirt options, three neckline options, two length options, and pockets! the way she presents the choices isn’t confusing or overwhelming, it’s really clear and easy to follow. love that.

geranium snowflake dress

i picked faux cap sleeve with dress-length pleated skirt, side seam pockets, and notched V neckline. the bodice is 3T and the skirt is 4T (i just increased the seam allowance on the skirt a little to make it line up). i picked the options that would be the quickest to sew and the most “formal” looking, since i was on a time crunch before Em’s ballet recital but wanted her dress to feel holiday-appropriate.

geranium snowflake dress

it’s a really quick and satisfying sew, and i made it in a night! considering i started from taping the pattern together and was taking pattern test notes too, it’s seriously fast.

geranium snowflake dress

she wore this dress to her ballet Christmas program, her school Christmas program, and Christmas Eve festivities with the family, plus out and about (basically whenever it’s clean). i sewed it in a cheap black and white polka dot cotton from Joann that I also used to pattern test Rae’s pierrot tunic last fall – totally different feel on a more structured dress though, right? i love that it looks like snow.

geranium snowflake dress

i used the rest of the pink elephant buttons i first used for her japanese tea party jacket. she loves that touch of course.

geranium snowflake dress

for her “fancy occasions,” i made her a little sequined headband out of some trim that i just hand sewed together and hit with some fray check. she loves wearing headbands and other hair accessories lately, it’s always interesting what she comes down wearing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

geranium snowflake dress

get your Geranium Dress pattern from Rae, and happy new year sewing!!

PS – need more Geranium inspiration? Rae posted all the pattern tester versions here, and my personal favorite is my pal Cherie’s eyelet dress. SO gorgeous!


29 thoughts on “polka dot geranium dress

  1. gail says:

    i reeeeally want to make this dress using the very same options you did – it’s just perfect! as are your photos – so beautiful! and yes, you MUST do a 2012 recap!!

  2. Maureen Cracknell says:

    It’s so sweet! And, the photos are, too!! I feel the same way — just thinking of how to write up a 2012 recap seems overwhelming. I am so super excited for 2013 and having this one last day together before the kiddos are back to school, I think I’ll be ok and ready to start 2013 by sharing something new tomorrow!

  3. lucinda says:

    love the options you put together for this dress – and love it that she’s been able to wear it so much already! That’s always a sign of a successful sewing creation:)

  4. Haylee says:

    Oh my goodness gracious Kristin you’ve done it again, this is beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful. The fabric, the contrasting back buttons, the cute cap sleeves, I am seriously so in love. And you made it in one night? You are seriously amazing. For real though.

  5. Sanae says:

    Love! The dress is absolutely beautiful and I love the neck detail. Must get my paws on that pattern – it will be a refreshing change from trying to decipher my Japanese books ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. tara says:

    dang. you have a knack for breaking my willpower and selling me on patterns. dang! it is my birthweek…..
    I’m imagining Violet in a dress like this and practically melting just thinking about her. *sigh*
    btw, I’m hoping to make it to joanns today to grab a zipper for a foldover clutch. After sewing nothing for weeks, I’ve been wanting to make one

  7. Erin says:

    i love everything about these photos! the polka dots, the headband, the white/gray/blackness of it all… gorgeous. your little girl is just darling. ๐Ÿ™‚ This pattern is burning a hole in my inbox- kind of looking forward to preschool starting up again so i can sew one up!!!!

  8. carolyn says:

    Such a lovely version! And I love the pop of the little pink elephant buttons on the back! You’ve convinced me…I need to get this pattern ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Jane says:

    Kristin, I love it! Such a sweet little dress! you’ve done it again…made me feel like I must buy and then sew a pattern that you tested!! Thanks for always cranking out such fab stuff!

  10. kim says:

    oh, I love it. This is such a sweet dress and looks so beautifully made. Glad she’s getting lots of use out of it, too!

  11. Max says:

    This is so cute. I always look at patterns several times and think I SHOULD get it, but I could probably do it myself, but then more and more keep getting blogged about and it almost seems fashionable to get the pattern! haha. PEER PRESSURE. I’m sure I’ll get the pattern soon!

    Em is so elegant!

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