seasons greetings, happy holidays, and…

merry christmas

i hope you and your family have a peaceful and joyous Christmas!  we’re eagerly awaiting Santa’s visit and looking forward to lots of family party time.  Em is hoping Santa brings a pink bicycle and an elephant (shock of shocks), and O is hoping for a helicopter.  probably won’t get a white Christmas around here, but it’s not raining so that’s a plus.

up there is my favorite ornament – i got it when i was just a year old according to the date on the bottom (my mom was great about labeling our ornaments as kids).  it enjoys a place of prominence on the tree each year.  why a sparkly ice cream cone?  no idea, but it makes me smile every time.

take care, and Merry Christmas!!

6 thoughts on “seasons greetings, happy holidays, and…

  1. Rae says:

    Merry Christmas dear friend!!! Have a great time with the fam. I sincerely hope Santa doesn’t bring Em an elephant…you know how it is with kids and their pets…they SAY they’ll take it for walks and clean up after it, but who ends up shoveling up all that shit? That’s right.

    • kristin says:

      soooo truuuuue. you should see our backyard right now. elephant crap everywhere – it’s insanity. i’m gonna get that Santa Claus if it’s the last thing i do!!!

  2. Haylee says:

    ha that ice cream ornament is the best. The fact that you got it when you were younger makes it even better.

    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas Kristin!

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