little gifts given

my friend Gail (from the lovely blog probably actually) recently had a baby boy!  and man is he cuuuuute!  his name is Oscar and the kids and i got to go visit him recently.  and what does one do when one is visiting a sewing friend with a new baby?  she sews gifts of course!

i first made a big sister gift for Lila, because my mom was great about doing that when anyone we knew had a baby.  always a good idea to make the older sibling feel special too.

big sister shirt

it’s a flashback skinny tee in a 3T.  i used old navy clearance shirts, as usual, and preserved the factory hems.  i used purple for the body since i know i’ve seen Lila in purple quite a bit, and a soft floral rib knit for the sleeves and neckline.  contrast sleeves seems to be a trend now and i think it’s a fun one.  i added a little heart patch to the bottom for an extra special touch.

then i made some pants for baby Oscar:

newborn pants

the pattern is Rae’s free newborn pants pattern.  i did contrast bindings on both for kicks.  i added 1″ to the pants on the left, because i remember these being pretty roomy when i made them for O and figured they’d last Oscar a couple months if they just had a bit of extra length.

heather ross pants

this pair may look familiar!  heather ross clothes on the line from far far away II.  this time i added aviary woodgrain bindings.  i love snuggling with O when he wears his pajamas in this fabric, so i figured Gail and her husband would enjoy it too.  and i know she likes woodgrain.

hedgehog pants

this pair may look familiar too!  i figured there couldn’t be anything more fun than to make pants for the little guy to look like his big sis.  and when i took these gifts over to them, Lila was wearing this skirt her mom made in the same gray corduroy!  fancy that.


i had hoped that Gail would get a kick out of a mini version of her hedgehog pants, and she totally did.  it was a fun reaction.  🙂

for mama, i brought a trio of vintage sheet fat quarters from my stash and a spool of metallic gold thread.  i love sewing with metallic thread, it adds a special touch to topstitching.  figured she could make use of these when she’s back in sewing action.

vintage sheets and pretty thread

for dad?  well i didn’t sew him anything, but i did make the family some chicken tortilla soup adapted from this recipe (i added cayenne pepper for a bit of a kick).  i brought some sour cream so they didn’t necessarily need to go for a grocery run, but apparently Lila ate it all up!  good work, Lila.

happy little presents for a happy little family.  oh and when Gail said Oscar has “the sweetest newborn smell you could ever imagine,” she wasn’t kidding!  he’s really wonderful.  i only got one picture during our visit, though!  right as i was taking it, O said “he’s soft!”  which is absolutely accurate.  Lila is a loving big sis, too.


i might check in tomorrow but if i don’t, have a great thanksgiving!


16 thoughts on “little gifts given

  1. Lucinda says:

    Oh, what sweet and thoughtful gifts! You are a good friend:) I’m sure Gail loved every last one. Love them all, esp. those darling corduroy pants with hedgehog applique – how perfect!

  2. carolyn says:

    Those are incredibly thoughtful gifts! I love that you included the little hedgehog on the pants. Gail must have loved that touch! And I definitely need to get some metallic thread…every time I see you sew with some I think “I need to get some of that!” Um, and I’m obsessed with fluffy baby hair recently and little Oscar definitely has some of the cutest fluffy baby hair that I’ve seen in a while. Is it wrong that I want to pet him?

  3. Ash P says:

    Your gifts are too cute and so thoughtful!!! Totally cute!!! I am amazed at your sewing skills you just astound me with all your projects! Great job on the gifts 🙂

  4. gail says:

    oh kristin, thank you!! gifts for all of us was above and beyond! i have to say i was blown away by the hedgehog pants, i’d been thinking making him a tiny pair myself, but really glad you did instead!! lila is wearing her shirt right now, yet again…for the fifth time :). and the soup was divine. AND i can’t wait to sew with that solid gold thread!! you’re totally the best.

  5. girllikethesea says:

    Awesome gifts! Very sweet of you to think of everyone with sewn/sewing gifts and food. I love that you used her own design in the pants. Lol!

  6. Laura says:

    I’m also slightly addicted to topstitching with metallic thread. What wonderful, thoughtful gifts you brought for the whole family. I absolutely love the hedgehog pants to match Lila’s. How lovely for you to be able to meet Oscar too, he’s adorable.

  7. Stef says:

    This is just too much! You are wonderwoman – so sweet! I love it all, but especially how much thought you put into each thing. I think maybe only another seamstress could appreciate it all. You’re amazing, Kristin! and Congratulations, Gail!

  8. Haylee says:

    No way, that floral fabric for your mom is the same exact fabric that my Grandma had a quilt made of! So cool. Well more for me than you, ha but at least I can confirm for you that it is indeed vintage. 🙂 Also that hedghog, so cute! You are a mastermind, I’m serious.

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