film petit flickr group roundup

our spooooooky october edition of film petit is currently under production, so jess and i thought we’d take a moment to each pick a few faves from the flickr group to highlight!  i get such a kick out of seeing at what people have added there, and thought you’d like to see too!  sound good?  okay.

i’ve got the sweet, the brave, and the downright creepy.

*if you’d like to pin any of these images, please click through to the original sources so they get proper credit – thank you!*

the sweet:

Mei from My Neighbor Totoro

our very own film petit guest Cherie from you & mie made this adorable Mei-Chan costume from My Neighboro Totoro for the Season 4 Project Run & Play movie week sew along.  isn’t it just perfect?!  if you’re a Miyazaki fan and you’ve never seen Cherie’s Totoro costume from last year, go check that out too.  you’re in for a treat.

there’s also a cute little Ponyo in the group!

the brave:

hunger games

the Hunger Games books and movies are a colossal hit, and i love that a couple talented ladies made mini Katniss Everdeens.  tara from true, pure, lovely made a blue “reaping dress” by extending a figgy’s ayashe blouse (look how excited her little gal is to volunteer as tribute!  totally cracks me up).

meanwhile, love assembled made a fantastic hunting outfit complete with bow and arrow and game bag!  check out her post; she made a costume for little sister prim, too!

the downright creepy:

The Shining Girls

i’ll leave you with this.  the girls from the shining by flickr user glow planet.  yipes.  just…yipes.

that should set the tone nicely for our Halloween edition of film petit, i think!  if you’ve made (or are making) any movie-inspired costumes for your kids this Halloween, please add them to the flickr group!  we’d love to see it continue to grow!  and check out jess’s favorites right here!

check back soon, we’re planning to scare the daylights out of you (not really…we’re aiming for a little creepy but totally want to make you giggle too.  nothing TOO scary, guys.  we’re sewing bloggers for pete’s sake!  how scary can we be?*).



7 thoughts on “film petit flickr group roundup

  1. sewchibi says:

    Halloween is the BEST!! Everyday in October we watch a scary movie/show. Gonna go try to have a ponyo photoshoot with Sephira right now 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the creepiness you have in store! That Shinning photo is awesome!

  2. Shannon says:

    love this!! love all of them, actually! but I gotta say…dude–if I had the time–4 words: grace Kelly, rear window.
    actually…now I may have to FIND the time.

    • kristin says:

      i ALMOST did that dress!! seriously it was my plan until my husband had the psycho idea. i’m glad i went more stylistic/creepy rather than pretty, though, just because it was more of a creative stretch and fun to play with black & white. YOU TOTALLY SHOULD, THOUGH!!! i’d love to see that.

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