kcwc fall 2012: day 5: neon dinosweater

sew off challenge: make a catalogue-inspired garment

neon dinosweater

i feel like i’m late to the mini-boden party.  i’ve heard the name, knew people loved it, but hadn’t REALLY browsed through the catalogue until gail posted her awesome hedgehog pants in meg’s weeklong KCWC lead up.  that same day, i think, we got our mini-boden catalogue, i browsed, and i was inspired.

neon dinosweater

i was inspired by a neon dinosaur t-shirt!

mini-boden dinosaur shirt

so i made one – only mine’s a sweatshirt…and a different dino.

neon dinosweater

there were a few things i really wanted to do with my final project for KCWC and the sew off – sew for O again (really loving making clothes for him these days, it’s a fun challenge to push my aesthetic with fun details like jess says, but still keep it boyish), use the new oliver + s field trip raglan pattern that i won in a giveaway from sewn studio (thanks ladies!), and knock down some of my upcycle stash once again.

oh and i’ve also been wanting to use a touch of neon on something.

neon dinosweater

the gray sweatshirt material is my husband’s old j.crew sweater, a soft, heavy interlock.  i used the existing neckband and sewed it all on my serger, preserving the existing hems (my tips for how to do that here).  i folded the sleeves and bottoms of the pattern up 1″ to allow for the lack of hemming.

i decided i wanted to put a “nice dinosaur” on his shirt, since he’s so little…an herbivore, perhaps.  i found my template by googling “brachiosaurus line art” and browsing images until i found the one i liked best.  printed it, traced it onto steam-a-seam lite, reversed it.  including tracing and cutting the pattern and appliqué, this whole sweater took about an hour and fifteen minutes to make.  really not too shabby at all.

neon dinosweater

the acid green was a shirt of mine from H&M; i got it thinking it’d be fun as a pop of color in my wardrobe but it was just too bright for me.  as an accent against gray, though, it’s perfect.

neon dinosweater

i cut the notch a little too deeply in the back, so added a bit of twill ribbon to cover it up (and to help keep the neck binding from flipping out).  i like the extra detail.  i sized the sweater up to a 2T instead of 18-24 months, since he’ll be wearing it over another shirt.  the fit is great, it was a quick and satisfying sew, and i KNOW i’ll be making more of these as t-shirts, sweaters, maybe even extended to dresses!  i’d been on the hunt for the perfect raglan pattern and i think i found it in the field trip raglan.

neon dinosweater

that’s it for our sew off; this catalogue item was sort of a “bonus” to me when we nailed down the challenges, and i’m not sure if Rae has a project coming…we’re only humans with tiny humans to take care of and normal lives to live and jobs to do and sleep to get, right?  i only got this done because it was fast and easy and i really like crossing things off lists.  really, though, i’ve got to get cracking on some other pressing projects (film petit, halloween costume, flower girl dress…fun stuff)!

anyway, though, thanks so much for getting me through my KCWC block, Rae!  i had a really fun time and i loved pushing myself more than i would’ve without the sew off.  it was also fun to see that Rae’s “mental to do list” was just as long as (or longer than) my own!

i’ll leave you with O putting on some gloves with eyes, wearing boots with eyes, as tigger watches:

neon dinosweater

very fun KCWC guys!  thanks for hosting, Meg!!!  great things always come from KCWC.

34 thoughts on “kcwc fall 2012: day 5: neon dinosweater

  1. La inglesita says:

    Oh well, I´ve just sort of finished sewing a raglan T shirt for my 2 year old son with a simple aplique. I am furious at how many times I had to unpick the neck binding, so I came to the computer for a break and saw your post on my reader! Is it just coincidence or a big sign that I should go back and make peace with my t-shirt ?
    Anyway, yours look fun, cool and I love your O messy hair!!

    • kristin says:

      The neck binding is definitely the trickiest part. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be great! If it’s just looking saggy, spray it with water and toss it in the dryer for a little while. It’ll shrink back to normal shape – should anyway. 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    I think you and Rae might be sewing robots! Love this one – lots of fun stuff in the Mini Boden catalogue. I’ve been wondering about how much to size up for a sweater so thanks for the tip.

  3. Vanessa@DesignsBySessa says:

    I really love looking for ideas in mini-boden! I love the preppy style, but yet it still looks as if it could be home-made. The prices are ridiculous for children’s clothes, but very adorable! Great job with the dino!!!

  4. jessica says:

    I love him. I need to make some sweatshirts. Only mine will have flesh-tearing mean dines on them. Because I’m weird like that and I make my kid watch Drive.

  5. rachel says:

    this is super cute. i like the nice dinosaur! 😉 i like to browse mini-boden too. i had never ordered until last week. i wanted to replicate one of their jackets but they were reasonably priced and when i started adding up the cost of a pattern, wool, lining, toggles, it was a wash. i also ordered some things on sale. i hope it’s as cute in real life as it is online. 🙂

  6. Rae says:

    Soo adorable. Those chubby little cheeks!! Slays me.

    Yay for our SEW OFF!! I considering my inability to complete this challenge so far, I think you may have won. I don’t know if I can get anything sewn yet tonight or not…we’ll see!!!

  7. Stef says:

    Love this, too, Kristin! You made a lot of clothes for O this time! I think you’re awesome and I’m totally going to make a dinosaur sweatshirt for Grace – totally her style!!

  8. Anna G says:

    It’s lovely! I keep stashing the mini-boden catalogues on my shelf with the intention of making an applique shirt or dress but after two seasons of this habit I just gave in a bought the girl’s apple applique t-shirt this season. Now you’ve shown us how easy it really is, I am determined to make one soon!

  9. Maureen Cracknell says:

    This is SO adorable!! mini-boden is the most inspiring little magazine to me right now. I love the little girl clothes so much! And their Johny B stuff has me wishing I could somehow fit into children’s sizes again, it’s ridiculous!

  10. sewchibi says:

    so cute! I am a sucker for anything neon, lol. That sweater looks so comfy and I bet O looks even cuter in person in it! Azy went through a dinosaur phase, and I even made her a dino dress before!! I got some dino fabric to share if your looking for some 😉
    I’ve been meaning to comment on all your wonderful creations, but I have been in hiding as it were, and am now able to make up for my absence. I’m a little embarrassed about lurking and whatnot, but I PROMISE I haven’t forgotten about posting on “you know what”… 😉 Just planning something special!

  11. Danielle says:

    This is darling. I need to make something like this for my O, I’ve decided since people always think he’s a girl. I LOVE that you put and herbivore on his shirt. You are such an Oregonian;) Love the neon with the grey. Perfect combo.

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