kcwc fall 2012: day 3:: far far away pjs

sew off challenge: Heather Ross Pajama Pants

far far away pjs

it’s becoming tradition for me to sew pajama pants for this kid during KCWC.  i sewed polka dot flannel ones last fall, and fox ones last spring.  since both were big on him when i made them, they actually still fit and are in regular rotation!  i figured why not add another pair to the mix?

far far away pjs

the pattern is the oliver + s bedtime story pajamas, which is now available digitally!  it’s a fantastic and quick beginner pattern.  i made them in the 18-24 month size in a little under an hour (actually stuck to the time frame this time!).

far far away pjs

i have a funny relationship with my “special” fabric.  i love having it, but i struggle with using it.  frankly sometimes it’s just easier to give it away to a friend, then it doesn’t weigh on me!  kinda weird, eh?

far far away pjs

this sew off challenge was great in that it got me to use some of this far far away ii clothes on the line fabric that i’ve had squirreled away for while.  it’s AMAZING stuff.  it’s a cotton-linen blend, but very lightweight.  it’s the kind of fabric you want your kids to wear all the time because it’s so dang soft and perfect.

far far away pjs

the bindings are also far far away ii, golden moons.  it’s a heavier linen that i first used for his bucket hat (and hey, her bucket hat was heather ross too – i guess i use it more than i think!).  i kinda love that neither of the prints here are overtly “boy,” but they still look great together and on him.

obligatory pajama pants taped to wall photo:

far far away pjs

and kid being cute photo:

far far away pjs

there’s the clincher right there.  when he’s tired, he sucks his thumb and rubs his feet together.  i can’t stop snuggling him!!

far far away pjs

just two more challenges left, then i’ll likely collapse from exhaustion.  Rae is one tough competitor!  check out her adorable nursery versery pj pants and little C roaring like a lion – what a cutie pie.  i need to track down some nursery versery, stat!

26 thoughts on “kcwc fall 2012: day 3:: far far away pjs

  1. Jane says:

    Kristin, I have that same Heather Ross fabric hanging here in my guest/office/sewing room on an old ladder, because it looks so pretty and i love to look at it! And, because of you and Rae 😉 I’ve been thinking about making pjs out of it all week 😉 And then Rachael (imagine gnats) was chatting about using some nursery versery pj pants for herself earlier this week…and so, well, I wasn’t compelled to use a LOT I did cut into my heather ross snow white…so, it’s a start I guess 🙂 Anyway, adorable pants!!! And of course adorable pics!

    • kristin says:

      ooooo! do it!! really it’s so much better when the kid’s wearing it and you get to hold them and see it in action! mine was on a shelf, not even inspiring me by hanging up like yours is. anyway, i’m excited to see whatever you end up making!

  2. Rae says:

    This is so cute, I can’t even stand it. That first pic?? Kills me. And the thumb!!!

    The moons on the bottom as trim are absolutely perfect. And I have 2 yards of this print squirreled away as well. hah!

    • kristin says:

      Aw thanks, girl!! I’m down to small scraps of the moons; I can never buy more than a yard of this stuff but luckily these pjs took quite a bit less than that! Your HR stash is totally enviable.

  3. Christephi says:

    Adorable pjs! Adorable boy! Snuggle him all you can for they grow up way too fast! 🙂 And three cheers for quick and easy patterns!

    • kristin says:

      thank you! no, his shirt is from american apparel. bought it for his sister back before i could sew that type of thing, and i’m sure i grumbled about it because you pay so much there for such simple styles, but no one else sells basic color shirts without SOMETHING on them. anyway, at least it’s getting worn by a second kid. 😉

  4. Laura says:

    So adorable, love that pattern and love it even more in that fabric. I picked up a rare paper copy of the bigger size today at a sewing show. I know you can download it but I prefer the paper one. If you’ve got any more special fabric weighing you down I can take it off your hands if it’ll make you feel better 😉 You should definitely make more stuff with it though. This sew-off is getting pretty hard to call by the way. You two should set up a voting system at the end.

  5. Brooke says:

    Ok he is too cute! I think his cuteness gave you an edge on this challenge! And love the laundry line used as pj pants- I too have such a hard time using prized fabrics, but now that I see how cute yours are, I may need to make more pjs from special fabrics!

  6. gail says:

    oh, those are the cutest!!! great photos, too. HR and O+S are always a winning combo in my opinion. i do like your “special fabric” policy though…especially since I’ve been on the receiving end 🙂

  7. sewchibi says:

    First: the pants and fabric are a-adorable! I am loving the vintage clothes line print! I too make pjs for the whole family but at xmas time.
    Second: I feel you on the “special” fabric thing. I have quite the stash of nervous to cut in to fabrics! We should do a switch and make sometime! Ha!

    I am envious of that perfect fit on those little jammies! Can’t wait to see you what you have up your sleeve for his Halloween costume!!

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