top as skirt

as part of a recent goal to sew more quick and satisfying garments for myself, i decided to make a skirt like this one, where you just chop a men’s shirt under the armpits, do some pleating, add a waistband and some elastic to the back, and boom. i think this took me about a half hour to make.

men's shirt to women's skirt

it started as a sale rack men’s shirt from old navy. it has a funny little southwestern print on it (southwestern is still kinda hot right now, right?).

men's shirt to women's skirt

i went with a flat front waistband and added interfacing for structure. then i just pleated the body of the front of the shirt until it fit. my goal was not to add too much bulk in front; just some subtle detail and shape. the back has elastic for comfiness.

men's shirt to women's skirt

the shirt tail hem just makes it look like i’m wearing a shirt on my bottom half, but i like it. i wish i’d taken the time to add pockets, but i was being too impatient and just wanted it done.

men's shirt to women's skirt

you better not be judging the white after labor day!! this darn thing was sewn and photographed in august, but i’m way behind on blogging finished projects and am trying to catch up a bit.

men's shirt to women's skirt

top as skirt.

PS – FILM PETIT IS COMING. i think the new school year threw everyone for a loop but now we’re back on track. right jess?! right cherie?! 🙂



21 thoughts on “top as skirt

  1. Andrea says:

    Thanks, girl! 29 sounds like a good age to me! I’m so glad to see you sewing for YOURSELF. You’re, perhaps, the most selfless and generous sewer in the world and deserve to keep/wear some of the beauty you create. Enjoy that skirt before the weather turns! Love you!

    • kristin says:

      can’t believe you’re 29; always forget there are those couple months where we’re just “a year apart.” but thanks, girl, that’s so sweet. love you too!!!

  2. Lucinda says:

    love the flat waistband – I would have forgotten about adding the interfacing; good call ’cause it looks great! I agree it would look fantastic with some boots:)

  3. Rachel says:

    we both share a love for repurposing 🙂
    have you ever considered submitting any of your repurposed clothing creations to Altered Couture? just in case you would be, you can check out the info here:

    and I also know that we both share a love for vintage sheets… have you ever shared your vintage sheet creations with The Vintage Sheet Blog?
    just thought you might like to know in case you didn’t already know 🙂

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