friendship is magic

just when i thought Em would never wear a skirt again (or at least not for a long while), look what she comes down dressed in this morning…!

twilight sparkle skirt

i did not make this fabulous skirt. Kat, of the blog sew chibi, made it! Kat has a fun, crazy, wonderful imagination and has put the most amazing creations into the project run & play flickr pool. i bet someday she’ll be a PR&P designer because she has so much creativity (and sewing skill) bubbling right at the surface. we live in the same town and have been trying to get together for a little while, and it finally worked out last week. we met at the park, and her daughter Azriella and Em were fast friends!

let’s play “spot the handmades!”

friendship is magic

Kat invited Em to Azriella’s birthday party, but sadly we are unable to attend. however, generous spirit that she is, she made Em a party favor anyway. it’s a Twilight Sparkle skirt from My Little Pony! I don’t think Kat even knows how obsessed Em is with the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show. she loooooves it. her favorite pony seems to change on a daily basis (sometimes she says she “loves all of them!”), but her love of pink and purple never fades. that made Twilight Sparkle a great choice on her part.

twilight pony skirt

i don’t think Em quite knew what to make of the skirt when it was first gifted, but i encouraged her to try it on for dancing (we have nightly “get the wiggles out” dance parties these days) and the bouncy ruffle tail skirt quickly grabbed her attention! she giggled and jumped around while wearing it. i still wasn’t sure whether it would end up dress up only (fine with me because it would stay perfect and clean and beautiful!) or if it’d become everyday wear.

twilight pony skirt

this morning, i got my answer. Em knew we were going to Oaks Park with her cousins as one last hurrah before school starts, and she came down from her room fully dressed in a purple Twilight Sparkle outfit! purple shoes and purple hair clips completed her ensemble. i was just excited she wore a skirt!

twilight sparkle skirt

the skirt is really spectacular. the ruffles have the perfect amount of volume and movement, and Kat mixed linen with lightweight cotton for a neat textural effect. apparently these are just a few of the “leftover ruffles” from Kat’s INCREDIBLE Rainbow Dash Dress, which you MUST go check out. it’s glorious. she even provides a tutorial for the ruffles and wings over here at me sew crazy.

twilight pony skirt

this is the first skirt Em has picked out to wear all on her own for almost two months, and i’m so thrilled to have her wear something other than just dresses! i could barely even get her to stand still to take a photo of the front. that’s her leaning over, getting ready to continue her sprint around the yard.

twilight pony skirt

thanks so much again, Kat! handmade gifts have become even more special to me since i started making things myself, so this really means a lot to me (and Em too!). i really have no idea how to repay you! i’ll keep thinking – can’t wait too long to give Azriella her birthday present!

in the meantime, i have a new mantra:


10 thoughts on “friendship is magic

  1. sewchibi says:

    AHHHH!! You say such sweet and thoughtful things!! I woke up to your new post in my inbox and I couldn’t have wished for a better way to start my day!!! So- I have to say- after all the “skirt” posts you wrote lately, I have been wondering if her Twilight pony skirt would fall into the mix too! I LOVE THESE PICTURES OF HER!!!!! I’ve never actually seen someone wear clothes that I made before other than my family of course. Such an awesome feeling… I’m groggy (from waking up) and giddy all at the same time! Your pics of Em are so lovely! We haven’t been to Oaks yet, hopefully we will soon!
    I like that you play a wiggles dance before bed; that’s so cute! And I couldn’t have completely foreseen it, but those little ruffles on those little butts sure make them want to spin, right?! Az is always trying to put her Rainbow Dash dress on!
    And I love love love the new mantra!! I kinda feel compelled (albeit not right away 😉 to make more of the MLP Friendship is Magic inspired outfits! It’d probably have to be Pinkie Pie since when Az saw me making Em’s skirt, she proclaimed that she would have a Pinkie Pie skirt!
    Oh and Jon found a little figurine (in his massive collection of swag) of a cute little girl with crazy swirly eyes that’s riding/hugging a pink elephant with matching eyes! It’s super kawaii (ha!), and he said that we should give it to Em (I told him about the pink elephants!)
    That Twilight sparkle picture really makes me smile. I could eat Em up for breakfast!
    Ok! This is getting super long, so I’ll finish by saying you are most graciously welcome for the skirt! It was a complete pleasure making it for such a cutie pie! Let’s get together again soon!!!!

  2. Max says:

    Aw you guys are so lucky! The closest sewing fiend I have is Sophie from Cirque du Bebe and we haven’t had a chance to hang out yet!

    I love Kat sooo much. She is so inspirational and wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s amazing. I love her. Her comments always make me happy and whenever I read her posts I come away all out of breath and excited. I LOVE YOU KAT ❤

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