washi two

woohoo, washi two! i made this dress, oh, a week and a half or so ago. before the washi pattern was officially released, i’ll tell you that. Rae had sent us testers the changes she was making (.5″ longer bodice, 2.5″ longer skirt) but i couldn’t wait for the updated final pattern; i just went ahead and made the changes to the tester version.

dear stella washi dress

i lengthened the bodice an extra .5″ to hit me right at my natural waist and added an extra line of shirring at the bottom to compensate for the longer bodice. i also realized i had sewed the darts slightly wrong on washi one, so i fixed that on this version. i liked it a whole lot before, and i love love LOVE it now.

washi dress side view

when i spotted this fantastic dear stella print at bolt i thought it’d make a great washi dress (from their maasai mara line). i figured the charcoal color would go with everything and get tons of wear, which it has. that’s why it’s taken this long to blog – i’ve been wearing it almost too often! probably time to make washi three, eh?

washi dress belted

so i also changed the neckline. i feel a little bad about it, frankly; the U cutout of the original washi is a major part of its charm and i know it took a good amount of work getting it just right in the patternmaking stage. but i do like a scooped out neckline; it just flatters me. also, part of me wanted a more generic neckline so i could wear it often and maybe not have people notice? i plan on making more washis and i plan to have every dress look a little bit different, so the U will make its return soon enough.

this washi also happens to look nice belted. the belt is my mom’s i think (i should probably give it back, sorry mom!).

dear stella washi dress

so i’ve actually seen quite a few gals mention in comments for Rae that they like the washi but can’t make it until they’re done nursing. i think with this modification, the washi can be nursing-friendly! O isn’t nursing anymore, but i can still imagine what it’d take…and i think this would work. my neckline is almost 1″ deeper than the pattern’s scoop neckline option, and wider on the bottom sides too (so a wider U out toward each armpit but not up toward the shoulders). i tapered the scoop as i went up so the shoulders are the same width as the original pattern; otherwise it might really alter the fit. i’d highly recommend working the shape out in the muslin phase and then using your muslin as a pattern. don’t go quite as deep/wide as you want it in the end, because the seam allowance will scoop out more and it’s very easy to go too deep very quickly. don’t want that (or maybe you do?). anyway, your choice.

once you’ve gotten your muslin how you want it, lay it over your front bodice and trace the new neckline on the fold so they match. repeat with the facing, just match up the shoulders and trace it so the necklines match. you can also round off the bottom U of the facing since you’re omitting the U cutout. finish as instructed. enjoy your (probably) nursing friendly washi!

washi dress scoop neckline

and look, you’ll likely need to do a FBA if you’re nursing too. just a guess…but that’s not my issue. hehe.

i believe this is the first time i’ve bought a higher quality fabric specifically for my own garment, which shows that my mindset is finally starting to change about sewing my own clothes. i’m not just using vintage sheets or cheap fabric anymore, because i know the pattern will work!

dear stella washi dress

when i first started sewing for Em as a little gal, i was self-conscious about it, like i didn’t want people to know. now my skills have advanced to the point where i’m proud of the fact that i make my kids’ clothes, but i was still timid about that when sewing for myself. finally, FINALLY, i’m becoming proud of what i make myself as well. what a great feeling. i owe Rae a lot for that – this dress is simple enough to be a real confidence builder and it looks good in quilting cotton, which i currently feel most comfortable working with. THANK YOU, RAE!!

dear stella washi dress

see that? sassy leg. i love this dress! yay for the washi!

PS – there are soooo many beautiful versions showing up in the flickr pool already – holy cow!


59 thoughts on “washi two

  1. Max says:

    So pretty! I can’t wait to give it a go, and HEY I’m breastfeeding and I have an idea for how to make it feeding-friendly. We’ll see. My breasts are also obscenely huge compared to my body right now, lol, so we’ll see how it all goes ^_^

    • kristin says:

      I was considering trying to make it a wrap front at some point…or make it in knit…? Those could definitely help too. But yeah man, if you’re all out of proportion you’ve gotta figure out that fit. My suggestion just provides easier access, hehe.

  2. Erin says:

    Love this version, may just be my favorite… Just ordered some fabric to make myself one (or three?). Can’t wait! The belt is perf… 🙂

  3. Rachel says:

    oh, it fits perfect !! your sewing skills are wicked. i’m loving the neckline, that it’s gray, that you belted it & that it has pockets ~ i want one, too 🙂

    • kristin says:

      Oh thanks! I guess when you sew almost every day, your skills improve over time…I’ve been surprising myself lately. 🙂

      (you should definitely make one once you have time…I know you’ll be a bit busy for a while here!)

  4. Vanessa@DesignsBySessa says:

    Scoop necklines are my absolutely favorite type. In fact, I was just commenting yesterday how I should sew up some new scoop neck shirts, because as I was looking through my closet, it was clear that I gravitate towards those! This scoop line looks fantastic. Don’t feel bad about changing the neckline, at all! I think that’s where our creative liberty comes in! And while i have loved other fabrics used for the washi that I’ve seen, I actually think this is the best one for practicality. I feel like I end up choosing fabrics and then think… okay really, why did I pick this? I don’t even like to wear florals! haha! So, I guess what I’m saying is I think you nailed it?! Making it sophisticated AND practical for being a mom! Now, I’m wishing I was a pattern tester! haha!

    • kristin says:

      Yes! I love scoop and v-necklines most on me. Just something about my proportions. But wow, thanks so much!! Picking adult fabric is a whole new beast, and something I’ve been really working on. Now you can buy the pattern, too! DO IT!!!

  5. Rae says:

    oh my goodness!!! Unbelievably cute and flattering on you!

    I actually like the scoop neck better here, definitely. The “U” really stands out and I thought with the belt and cardi shot you put up on IG that this was SOOOO cute. As Anna would say, I’m going to come over and steal this dress out of your closet!!!


    • kristin says:

      phew, thanks rae! i believe anna said she was going to rip it off my body…but yours is a bit less violent. haha. maybe we could do a short term scoop/maxi washi swap. 😉

  6. crafterhours says:

    That might be my favorite washi fabric choice yet. Though I think I said that about one of rae’s versions a few days ago…I’m a flip flopper. (aren’t you glad I didn’t say wishy-washi?!) (sorry. It’s late here.)
    Hey, great mantle, btw! I want that clock.

  7. photosarah says:

    I’m excited to see a version without the U cutout! If/When I make one for myself I was going to omit that part so I was wondering how it would look. Yours looks great!

  8. gail says:

    it’s divine! and even more beautiful and flattering in real life!! seriously, so impressed with your sewing-for-yourself skills these days, you should absolutely be proud!

  9. rachel says:

    This is so awesome! My favorite in the flickr pool for sure! I love the simplified neckline. I also like the dropped waist. I feel empire waists often look maternity-ish. At least on me. Yours is awesome.

  10. sewchibi says:

    Kristen it looks sooooo great! I think most of us who start sewing for our kids before ourselves get drawn into the allure of flat, easy to work with figures, which leads to simpler patterns which then leads to more time for embellishing (especially since it’s for little ones who love that stuff) and building a sewing style. Making for ourselves gets intimidating reaallllly fast because of the added stress of necessary details over aesthetic details and crispness of the lines versus occasional whimsy when seeing for our girls. YOU NAILED IT!! High five! This looks so great mostly because you can see how proud you are of it in the pictures. It really shows! I like the changes you made as a nice option ( especially the notes about making it nursing friendly since Sephira’s not getting off that train anytime soon ;-).
    Overall great job!! Now I want one!!

    • kristin says:

      yes, kat, i think that’s exactly it! it’s hard to get the fit right and show restraint in fabric selection for adult clothing while still making them interesting. i’m such a perfectionist when i sew for myself, too – i have trouble overlooking my mistakes. but thank you! i hope you start giving it a whirl, too!

  11. Stef says:

    Oh my, Kristin, this is divine! Your confidence is so motivating – maybe this pattern will be the first I try. Do you think it’s good for beginner adult clothes making? Love the belt with that, by the way! Cute fabric, too.

  12. Tara Faul says:

    Love it! That print is definitely worthy of a mommy garment. It begs to be paired with something mustard yellow too. The neckline looks great on you!
    I was really tempted to try the washi pattern until I realized the logistical issue of breastfeeding. Since I’m not ever feeding in public it’s not a HUGE issue, but I do need something that I can at least get in and out of quickly and easily. All the dresses I’ve tried wearing that didn’t come undone in the front ended up getting abandoned for now. Lol.

  13. Vanessa says:

    I *so* want that fabric!! Love it! I have yet to sew something for myself because I can’t find fabric that is cool looking, soft, and affordable. Anywho, the dress looks amazing and you should absolutely be proud of it!

  14. Charity says:

    That is a cute version of the Washi dress! I love the grey fabric. If I were to alter one to work for breastfeeding, I would add an overlay in just the front that snaps/zips/velcros down at the waist, with cutouts in the under layer. The shirring in the back should give it enough stretch to lift up and nurse. It would be kind of like lining just the front of the dress.

  15. Carolyn says:

    You’re killing me with your cute Washis! Although I think I may be in the camp where I’ll wait until I’m done nursing to make one (not because I need a FBA while nursing though…somehow that never seems to be a problem that I have. Ha!)

  16. kim says:

    oh, what a great dress! You look fantastic. I love the alterations you made; I would worry about the higher waist looking maternity on me but dropping it down a bit plus the scooped neckline make this something I would wear all the time. Perfect color, too. You are getting so good! By the way, my sister-in-law saw A wearing one of the skirts you originally made for E and wanted to know if you have an etsy shop… she has two girls, 2 and 4 years old… seriously, isn’t that your next step?? 😉

  17. whatkatietriesnext says:

    Amazing…it looks beautiful. I have yet to sew something for myself but am slowly getting more confident!! As ever, I keep being inspired by wonderful bloggers like yourself.
    Ps – the fabric is divine!

  18. Johanna says:

    Awesome, I so want to make one of these, and I already figured i can make it maternity friendly, but at the same time wanted it to be future nursing friendly, so thanks for the tips I think that just might work! yay! I may need to go make one right now…

  19. Laura says:

    Absolutely love this version. I’d be wearing it a lot too. Such a gorgeous fabric and the scoop neck is perfect on you. You’re clearly having so much fun sewing for yourself, one of these days I’m going to start sewing for me.

  20. sascha says:

    I don’t wear dresses but I seriously think I’m going to purchase this pattern. I’d make an exact copy of this dress it’s so stinkin’ amazing. LOVE the neckline (also love the original neckline Rae designed), love the fabric and love the belt combo. I need to get on the sewing for myself bandwagon.

  21. Inder says:

    So that’s funny, because I’ve been loving all of these gorgeous Washis I see all over the ‘nets, but I was thinking, “no way I can wear that while nursing.” And then you post this! Haha. Although in truth, even with better “access” I think I will probably wait a bit for my figure to get a bit closer to its usual shape. But I love your version – love love love this fabric!

  22. luvinthemommyhood says:

    Sassy hot mama!!! Love it! That print is gorgeous on you! I’m axiously awaiting my fabric in the mail to make mine. Darn living in another country…lol. I can’t wait and seeing all of yours has got me all hyped up!

    Gorgeous work! oxoxoxo

  23. Christine Jones says:

    Thanks for your comments on making it nursing friendly! My daughter isn’t weaned yet so I immediately think that now when I see any dresses I’d want to make with too high of a neckline and “no access”. And the dress is just gorgeous, great fabric choice!

  24. Beth says:

    This is fabulous on you! I prefer q scoop neck for myself and after seeing a few on flickr I am ready to buy the pattern. I may just buy the same fabric too! Smiles~Beth

  25. Marie says:

    Do you mind sharing what you said you changed about your darts from your Washi 1 to this version? I made my muslin last night and I think I might be doing my darts a little wrong. They look a little too pointy… I am really new to sewing for myself, I am intimidated by it so maybe I am just reluctant to actually start making this! I have been looking for up-close shots of the stitched dart seam on the inside, and I have not found anything that really gives me a clear idea of what to do. maybe I just didnt transfer the dart markings carefully enough…. Any guidance would be helpful, your darts look so nice and smooth in this dress!

  26. Greer says:

    love the scoop neck. any chance you could post a document with the neckline piece showing the original line and the one you did? It might take me numerous goes to get it just so and I would run out of steam before it got there.

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