introducing SewSet

back in the dark ages, i used to bookmark things that i liked on the internet.  my bookmark menu quickly got obnoxious.  then i started using google reader and “starred” tutorials and favorite posts to save for later.  once i was up to over 200 starred tutorials, recipes, etc., i could never find what i needed, and often forgot what i’d even saved.  then pinterest came along, and while it has been great for sorting my inspiration into categories, there was still definite room for improvement in organizing sewing patterns and the thousands of tutorials out there.  someone really needed to design an easy to use searchable site to bring it all together.  and guess what?  it happened!

SewSet. See.Save.Sew.

jessica from me sew crazy has put together a really fantastic site called SewSet.  blogger and pattern designers that have free tutorials, patterns for sale, or both, are now adding to the database and it’s quickly turning into something really amazing!  last week, i added most of my tutorials.  here’s what it looks like when you search skirt as top:

skirt as top on sewset

i love the clean look of the site, how easy it is to navigate, the fact that price information is there at a glance, and how everything links back to the original tutorial or pattern – proper credit is so important, and i feel good about how i’m credited as a designer on SewSet.

each designer has a profile page with a short bio, photo, how long they’ve been sewing, and links to their various sites.  here’s mine (i’m bad at bios, still need to write one).

skirt as top on SewSet

jessica features favorite patterns/tutorials daily, which are always fun to browse, and i find myself checking back often to see all the new stuff that pops in (click recently added).  you can also search by designer or just search by keyword in the search bar.  super easy to use.

anyway, check out SewSet, if you haven’t yet.  throw your patterns/tutorials up there – it really doesn’t take much time to do.  i’d love to see the site grow, because it’s got loads of potential.

now i hope you’ve got a couple hours on your hands for browsing…


9 thoughts on “introducing SewSet

  1. jengrainline says:

    Ooh I haven’t heard of this yet, it sounds pretty awesome! Going to check it out now…hopefully I don’t waste the rest of the evening…

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