shorts and a top on the line, and another thing

today i’m over at small + friendly guest posting for shorts on the line! what a fun summer series this has been so far, and they’ve still got another week to go! head over to read my pattern review and see how i altered the clever charlotte finch shorts from a bloomer to a full, culotte style. shorts that look like a skirt? sign Em up! my post is here.

clever charlotte finch shorts and top

but wait! i couldn’t just make the finch shorts! i’ve had the finch top on my “want to make” list forever, really ever since katy made it, and knew this was the perfect opportunity to sew that up too.

clever charlotte finch top

i made the top in a size 2T, with a 3T length (as i mention in my shorts post, clever charlotte patterns tend to run a bit large). it fits great. i eliminated the bow and added a button closure, finishing the bottom by folding the main fabric under to the wrong side by 1/2,” the lining under by a little more, pinning them together, and topstitching. it was a quick and easy way to finish the top without bias tape.

clever charlotte finch top

after sifting through my stash for the perfect fabric to add some pop to the linen shorts, i chose this glorious washi tape by rashida coleman-hale. ooooh man, i’m such a washi fan now. what a fun fabric. i love how the bright tape jumps off the charcoal background. it’s one of those fabrics that looks good on the bolt, but truly comes alive on a garment. i lined the top with an ikea sheet that i typically use for muslins (lots of yardage for just a little money).

clever charlotte finch top with fancy button

and check out my fun button!!! as a thank you for co-hosting vintage may with her, jess sent me the cutest package of fabrics and notions, including these little buttons! it’s handmade by incomparable buttons, and it adds the perfect touch to finish this little top. i almost always sew with cheap plastic buttons, so this was a real treat! thanks again, jess! can’t wait to use more of the gift pack in my sewing, it’s super great stuff.

climbing a tree in her finch top and shorts
i’m so happy with this finchfit, it’s a great addition to Em’s lilac tree-climbing summer wardrobe. i love making clothes she can move so freely in. thanks again to clever charlotte for providing this pattern for my review, it was great.

clever charlotte finch shorts and top

okay, one more thing. i started a facebook page for the blog. this week, i took a fantastic class through alt channel taught by liz stanley and got all motivated, so here we go! click like on the skirt as top facebook page to be notified of posts and whatever else i might want to talk about in between.

skirt as top facebook page

if you blog, i highly recommend the alt classes. it’s so much easier to learn how to sew than how to blog sometimes, i swear! these classes help you skip the trial and error and learn from those that have already figured things out. through the end of july, there are even ways for you to take classes for free! (#thanksbing)

that’s it! if you haven’t yet, go see my acrobatic little gal in her new shorts, and have a wonderful weekend!

27 thoughts on “shorts and a top on the line, and another thing

  1. clevercharlotte says:

    Your ‘Finchfit’ is such a fun variation of our shorts and the Washi Tape is a perfect fabric for the top. I am so glad Em likes them. Thanks for showcasing yet another versatile way to tweak our patterns!

  2. anna says:

    haha, love the finchfit! 🙂 it’s totally adorable. and the washi is so perfect with the shorts. glad to see your facebook page (I suck at facebook). And those classes, glad to hear it was good, I really want to take some, just need to figure out how to fit them in my schedule!

  3. gail says:

    it’s clever charlotte friday! 🙂 i love that fabric for the top, what a supercute outfit. especially with the saltwaters – perfection! can’t wait to hear more about your class, too. i’m off to check out the shorts!

  4. Caila says:

    Love, love, love! I’ve got to buy some of that washi fabric; I just can’t stop looking at it. Great job on the outfit, she looks so happy in it! Now I’m off to “Like” you on FB!

    • kristin says:

      Yeah it’s definitely only muslin quality, almost not even good enough to line this garment (you can see in the stitching on the close up shot) but whatever. It’s soft and light and CHEAP. I think just a couple bucks – worth it!

  5. kate says:

    cuteness! i want some skirt/shorts! and of course you like ben kweller, you’re the coolest. “I’m maxed out like a credit card” is another of my favorite lines!

  6. Rosalind says:

    Oh lovely. Top turned out beautifully. Nice to see a different pattern around too. I am trying to plan some sewing for summer now before it creeps up on me and Anya has nothing to wear 🙂

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