vintage may guest: you & mie

i first discovered you & mie via the project run & play flickr group during week 2 of my season. cherie sewed this awesome boy outfit, won the sewalong that week, and i was an immediate fan. week after week, she just kept making really cool stuff (like this mini hippie outfit and this color blocked coat) and i was so surprised to see she had only been blogging for a few months! she’s already guest posting all over town (including here!) and her totoro costume is quite popular on pinterest (she just sewed mei-chan for this season’s PR&P sewalong!). this girl is going places, i tell ya. you may recall i actually MET cherie when i visited san francisco last month, and she’s a super fun gal in person too. she just has a knack for sewing – almost never uses a pattern and already shares tutorials like a champ! she’s got crazy talent.

cherie has sewn a wonderful historically-inspired jumper for her little gal today with a tutorial for you!


Hello vintage lovers! It’s amazing what Kristin and Jess have put together here and I’m so honored to be a part of it! I must have run through 50 ideas for what vintage-inspired creation I wanted to share with you before deciding on something – the possibilities are endless! I decided to go through some old family photos to see if I could find some inspiration there and I saw a particular style pop up a few times in my mom’s childhood photos from Japan in the 1950s.

(LEFT: My mom, standing in front, with her two brothers and mother RIGHT: My mom, center, my grandmother, upper left and their neighbors)

(My mom, lower right, with her brothers and uncle)

I loved the simple and classic style of the jumpers my mom and her neighbor are wearing in these pictures. So I created a suspender skirt for my daughter and I’ve got a tutorial so you can make one too!

It’s got a bit of a school uniform vibe, but it’s still cute enough to be worn anywhere. It’s a simple high waisted pleated skirt with a flat front and elastic in the back. The buttons in the front are just for fun and completely optional. The suspender straps are sewn in the front and adjustable in the back for longer wear. You could easily use this technique to attach straps to any style skirt, pair of shorts or pants. If you want to make the straps completely removable, you can follow the directions for the back of the skirt in the front, and then the skirt can be worn alone or with the suspenders. So many options!

I played around with two different lengths in these pictures. High waisted and HIGHER waisted.

Maybe too high?


Thanks for having me, Kristin! I’ve got vintage fever now!


isn’t her little yuki just so squeezable? i’m not sure i can handle it! thanks so much, cherie!

you’re not gonna wanna miss the awesome sauce leggings tutorial that jessica from me sew crazy has for you today over at CINO!

cino vintage


16 thoughts on “vintage may guest: you & mie

  1. Rachel says:

    I’ve had fun sewing along with cherie during the past 2 seasons of PR&P sew-along, she is very talented, I love her style and I’m always excited to see what she comes up with.
    sweet old photos of her mother & equally sweet outfit & daughter 😀

  2. gail says:

    this is utterly adorable! i love that you used photos of your mom as inspiration – makes the outfit even sweeter! great tutorial, too – thank you!!

  3. jessica says:

    The photo inspiration to present day jumper is just so sweet Cherie. Kristin, you guys are doing such a good job on this series- every single post is just stellar!

  4. Justine sew country chick says:

    Im so happy to see Cherie featured here. She is one of my fave kid fashion designer bloggers and her little Yuki is so cute you could eat her with a spoon as my MIL says! Kawaii!The skirt reminds me of the little schoolgirls I saw in Japan last month but cuter!

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