vintage may inspiration: flickr roundup

vintage may-3

well friends, we’ve reached the end of lead up week to vintage may!  our wonderful guests start on monday right here and over at CINO – a guest a day on each blog for two weeks!  this is gonna be good.

hope you’ve enjoyed the little inspiration posts jess and i had for you this week.  i talked about modern patterns with a vintage feel, vintage sheets, did mini-tutorials for little skirts with vintage flair, and a strong boy.  jess talked about her vintage sheet projects, sewed a vintage pattern with new fabric, did a tutorial for a beautiful dress, and talked about vintage notions!

meanwhile, you’ve been adding some really fantastic stuff to the vintage may flickr group!  i’ve loved peeking in there often to see if anything new has popped in, and it sure has!  behold!

vintage may flickr roundup

1. reversible serena baby dress (1), 2. School Photo Dress, 3. UPcycled dress – vintage doily, 4. round neck dress, 5. Winter Romper (Junebug Remix) by you & mie, 6. Skirt With Vintage Linen Apron, 7. Vintage Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket, 8. Girls of Summer, 9. Earthday Title 1, 10. Linen Puppet Show Shorts, 11. Dress made using the Sweet Tartan dress tutorial, 12. bubble skirt (1), 13. Kimono PJ’s, 14. Sewing Through the Decades: Mod 60s A-line Dress, 15. Vintage style Easter coat, 16. Class Picnic Shorts with Ruffles

beautiful work, you guys!  love it all.  check out the entire vintage may flickr group right here.

i also started a group pinterest board and invited as many of our guests as i could find to contribute to it.  if you’d like to see our vintage inspiration, come take a look here!

see you on monday with our first guests and the official kickoff of vintage may!  have a lovely weekend.

12 thoughts on “vintage may inspiration: flickr roundup

  1. Jane says:

    oooo, this is a great roundup!! thanks for featuring my version of your sweet tartan dress! I really love how it turned out (as well as all that other easter sunday stuff…) I’m trying to muster up the energy to participate next week and come up with something…but I fear I may already have too much on my plate…either way I am TOTALLY looking forward to all of the fabulously vintagey goodness you and jess plan to share!!

    • kristin says:

      thanks, Jane! I really love your little guys’ outfit and the hats, too, not only your version of my sweet tartan. hehe! have a great weekend!

  2. Laurie says:

    This roundup is like candy–so much sweetness! And so much inspiration. Thank you for featuring my little Kimono PJ’s. It spurs me on to do more…

  3. kim says:

    I’m so impressed with everyone’s work! Some truly beautiful clothes. Thanks for rounding them up in one place.

  4. Melissa says:

    As a vintage fabric/doily/trim lover (or possibly even addict), I’m totally loving this blog series! Thanks for including my Upcycled Dress in your roundup!

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