KCWC spring 2012: day 4:: fox pajamas

cuffed fox jammies

it seems that all of my girl outfits this week have been “new to me” patterns/tutorials, and the boy items have been familiar ones. funny. these are the oliver + s bedtime story pajama pants (sadly out of print – hopefully they release this one as a digital pattern!). it’s quick, easy, and cute. i’ve sewn it a couple times (here and here) and was curious how fast i could make it. so i speed tested myself.

fox jammies

starting from already cut pieces, these took me 50 minutes! i had guessed it’d take 45. my stitching isn’t as straight as i’d normally like, and i was slowed down by too-wide-of-elastic for the waist (all i had at 11pm). but i also added a yellow elsie marley bunting tag to it so i suppose under one hour is pret-ty good!

the shirt is one i appliquéd during my very first KCWC last spring. radiohead reference anyone? i chopped off the onesie part but it’s still way too small on him. might be time to make a new one.

fox jammies and big tummy

i can’t remember if i made 18-24 month or 2T pants for 17-month-old O, and can’t find my pattern pieces in the disaster area i call my sewing room, sorry about that. the adorable fabric, however, is aneela hoey’s blue bell foxlets with kona olive binding. i firmly believe kona olive goes with everything. EVERYTHING.


i grew up with three sisters and i’m finding it so funny how differently little boys play – O is so much rough-and-tumble than Em ever was, and he and my husband have a running game where they roar at each other like bears and chase each other around the house. O thinks it’s HILARIOUS. here it is in action:


while mommy activities are a little more calm:

Untitled 2

we love our little guy!

okay, now i’m caught up on posting prior projects. i didn’t sew on friday night, but i’m going to try to finish my final KCWC project and post it tomorrow. have you gotten lost in the flickr group yet? sooooo much great stuff in there. it’s an inspiration fest!

15 thoughts on “KCWC spring 2012: day 4:: fox pajamas

  1. Laura says:

    Oh I love these. I’ve been planning to order some of that gorgeous fox fabric and it does go brilliantly with that olive Kona. I am lucky enough to have that pattern, it took me a while the first time but I’m interested to see how quickly I could make them now. I love the top too, you will definitely have to male another one.

  2. Shauna says:

    My husband has a tee with the same radio head image. He is a major fan and just attended their concert so he would likely be thrilled if I made a mini version of that tee. The fox pants are great! He looks hip and darling!

  3. rachel says:

    Oh man those are so cute! I love the olive green with the blue! I wouldn’t have thought to combine those colors, but they are perfect!

    We have three girls and one boy and it is funny how different they can be. Our son’s pretty chill as far as little boys go (or so we’re told), but when we had nine of his classmates over for his star wars birthday party, it was pure insanity! Sometimes I have to adjust my expectations and remember that all of that energy is normal, healthy, and positive – especially being his sisters are quite content doing quiet things.

    • kristin says:

      thank you! yeah some of it is just personality (my son is pretty chill in general, too), but there seems to be a different “boy energy” that i’ve never experienced before. he just loves to play rough. haha, i can only imagine the craziness of a star wars birthday party! fun, but exhausting.

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