soooo….remember my sheet as top? it ended up winning reader’s choice for week 2 “top of tops” over on made by rae! yahoo! thanks so much to rae, the judges that selected me, and everyone who voted. i didn’t make that top with a hope of winning anything – i was just testing my limits, excited to have a kick in the pants to sew for myself by one of my favorite bloggers. but i must say, never having won a thing like this before, i’m kind of giddy! my prize is $30 to modern fabric studio, and there’s so much awesome fabric over there i’m not sure how i’m going to spend my winnings! don’t worry, i’m sure i’ll figure it out. 😉 the judge’s choice this week is my pal sophie! funny thing – in her tribal trending tank post she mentions MY wiksten tank, and in my sheet as top post i mention her pussy bow blouse! i guess it’s kind of perfect that we ended up top of tops together this week…and we live halfway around the globe from each other! man, isn’t the internet cool?


did you see that season 4 of project run & play is now underway with a whole new group of fabulous designers? it’s so fun to watch these gals compete, now knowing what it really takes to execute these types of incredible looks. always fun to be inspired, too. week 1 was a remix of dana’s circle skirt which i’ve used quite a few times for my twirly girl, and the entries were so great. check out the rest of this season’s topics here (MOVIES! COLOR CHALLENGE! so jealous!). i plan to sew along in a “just for fun” capacity this season whenever the inspiration strikes and i have the time (and i hope some of my season 3 peeps join in too, wink wink!!). check out the rest of the sewalongers in the PR&P flickr pool.


also, i finally got it through my head how to make a button for my blog (over there in the sidebar) and how to organize my tutorial page so it’s MUCH easier to navigate. check that out here, with more to come! i might repost my guest tutorials soon just to have them all in one place…fair warning. 🙂


now one kind of annoying piece of business. i use flickr to host the images for this blog, and apparently flickr and pinterest are working out some kinks right now. i found out that most of the recent images on my site suddenly turned “unpinnable” on thursday, the day i posted a tutorial (of course)! i think it’s working now so a few photos from each post are pinnable, but please let me know if you ever have trouble with it. i’m a big pinterest fan – i’ve been on there since the very early days (2010!) and it’s great for keeping track of inspiration, recipes, and tutorials. i crop my kids’ faces out so i’m fine with anything on this site being pinned. i guess i just wanted to put that out there – i like pinterest, i’m not trying to hamper pinning, and please let me know if you want to pin from my site and can’t. if you’d like to follow me, my pinboards are here!


finally, the photos you’ve been seeing throughout this post are of the superhero cape i sent off to willa, daughter of reader jill, who won my first blogiversary giveaway a few weeks back! i sewed it in willa’s (errrrr jill’s) favorite colors and topstitched it with silver thread, which looks pretty darn cool when it catches the light. enjoy your cape, willa! Em tested it out for you and it flies just fine.


that’s it! thanks. stuff just had to be said. i feel better now.

12 thoughts on “housecaping

  1. Vanessa@DesignsbySessa says:

    Congrats on winning!!! The week you made your sheet as top, I made a sheet as dress for Easter and had to name it a craft fail… LOL… it really was that bad, BUT I made a pretty fun shirt for Easter instead that Sophie put on her blog, too and so that was pretty fun seeing it there! I think it’s fun when you see what you make be loved by others! I’ve really enjoyed following you and your daughter and how much you grew as a seamstress throughout PR&P! I haven’t commented tons on here, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying seeing all that you are doing and I’m glad you are doing it! 🙂 Blessings to you!

  2. gail says:

    congrats on the big win, it was well deserved!! and very jealous of your shopping spree! 🙂
    i love how the cape turned out, the winner has great taste in colors!

  3. Jamsby says:

    We are the happy recipients of that beautiful cape and it is just gorgeous in real life. The colors are so lovely and the polka dots make me extra happy. Willa, of course, is really loving being a super hero.
    Congrats on winning with your Sheet as Top. Yea!

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