one year and a giveaway!

happy st. paddy’s day, and guess what?  skirt as top is one year old today!  i can hardly believe it.  this year has been such a fun whirlwind for me, and i’m so glad i started a blog to share more about my projects and really get to know you all better.  i’m having a blast.


i thought it’d be fun, on my very first blogiversary, to give something back to you guys for being so awesome.  i decided that i want to make and give away a custom super hero cape to one lucky reader!  sound good?  it fits probably a 2T on up.

IMG 7612

here’s how to win a cape for your little one, made by me:

  • leave a comment telling me your child’s name (or first initial) and their favorite color (or colors).
  • giveaway will close on tuesday evening (the 20th), and i’ll announce a winner on wednesday.  **GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED**
  • if your email is not linked in your profile, please leave it with your comment.  the format of skirtastop(at)gmail(dot)com works great if you’re not into spam.
  • open to US and international residents, because i get a kick out of international mail.  🙂
  • void where prohibited.

thanks so much for reading, and may the luck of the irish be with you!

44 thoughts on “one year and a giveaway!

  1. Yolanda Kavita Robinson says:

    Super happy International Reader here 🙂 My little love is Scarlett, she’s four and when I asked her moments ago what her favourite colour was, she answered “pinkbluepurple” as though it was one colour… aaaah. four.

  2. Jeni says:

    I love following your blog. Happy anniversary! My 2.5 year old is Fiona and her favorite color is “pink…or aqua… or DARK pink.” I think she likes just about any color. 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      Hey! I love your blog and stumbled on it in April and follow religiously, I think. Super inspiring! Just in case: my E adores yellow.

  3. Kimberly F says:

    What a great giveaway! I was just thinking my little girl needs a cape! Her name is Ellie, and her favorite color is purple.

  4. darci says:

    i love to see your projects. i, too, found you on project run and play.
    My ‘E’ is a girl who likes blue and purple, and elephants too.

  5. Addie says:

    You amaze me…. the boys and I love to follow the stuff you make!! Because of you and your superhero capes, Hudson and Sawyer want SuperHero parties for their birthdays,,, so I will be making them soon!!! AHH, thanks for the tutorial!!
    H is 4 and green & blue are his favorite
    S is 2.5 and he loves green and pink (yep, pink) not sure with no girls besides me in the house!!!
    Congrats on a year! Hope to see you soon too!!

  6. Josie says:

    Happy 1 year! I read from Australia, and think your blog is wonderful, although I’ve never commented to say so before. You’ve achieved so much in a year. My little girl is April, and she loves all things orange. Thanks for sharing you talents!

  7. Cirque Du Bebe says:

    And what a year its been for skirt as top! I remember coming across your cute stuff on flickr what feels like years ago. I’d love a superhero cape for Archie, and his colour is orange. X

    • La Inglesita says:

      I found you recently and I have read almost every entry from the archives! Thanks for this wonderful idea of giving away something made by you. It´s the best kind of giveaway.
      I´d love to have a cape for my baby boy Luis in any colour (although pinks might no be a good idea…)
      Congrats from Spain

  8. Lydia says:

    Love your blog, congrats on one year! Jack is almost 2, and he likes orange. Thanks for the giveaway!
    lydiarosecurtis (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Sara Fawley Diep says:

    Happy 1 year! My girls would love this, since one would cry if the other got a cape, I’ll go with a last initial so they can share. “D” and without a doubt, pink is the fav color. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  10. Valentina says:

    Hi Kristin, I found you a little time ago but I love your blog ad I follow you from Italy.
    My kid’s name is Pietro and his favorite is red (I guess, because he does not say…) congratulations for your blogiversary


  11. Kerry Caranci says:

    Kristin, I love reading about all of your projects. You are awesome! Mitchell loves green and would love a super hero cape!

  12. Tiffany G. says:

    Hi there. I think I found your blog through madebyrae, but honestly I don’t remember…just glad I did! Its so inspiring to see how successful you’ve become in one year of blogging! Congrats. And my little Chloe loves pink.

  13. Nancy says:

    My O would love a cape, he is turning into an adventurous little 2yo. I don’t know if he has a favorite color yet but he definately loves Thomas the Train so I would say Thomas Blue. Happy Anniversary and Happy St Patricks Day! Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. gail says:

    congratulations on an AMAZING year of blogging! you’re unstoppable! and very kind to do a giveaway. i think you might already know my kid’s first initial and favorite color 😉

  15. Jamsby says:

    My daughter Willa would get such a kick out of this. She is almost 2 but loves playing dress up. Favorite colors? Hmmm, not sure about that one, but her Momma loves teal and magenta. I love your blog! Can’t believe you only have a year under your belt.

  16. jennifer says:

    I love your blog and your designs! Keep blogging because your are soooo inspiring! I think Ava would love this cape. She’s 4 and when asked, her favorite color is the same as her sisters (blue any shade). really ANY color would be wonderful! I’ve always wanted to make a super hero cape for them..:)

  17. Tenille says:

    My little super hero’s name is Jonathan. At 18 months I don’t think he has a favorite colour, but big sister Mathilda would say it was blue 😉 I love your blog, it’s so honest and so inspiring, I’m really glad I found it, thank you so much.

  18. Erin says:

    happy bday skirt as top! being such a fan of yours, i’m happy to enter your sweet giveaway! his initial is G (he’ll be 2 this week!!) and his fave color is blue! don’t stop blogging- you’re on fire, girl! 🙂

  19. kim says:

    It’s amazing how much you have accomplished in a year, as a seamstress, designer, creator, blogger… I am so proud of you! You have already made so many beautiful things for our girls and I’d prefer that another reader win this giveaway, but I had to leave a comment congratulating you! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what the next year of skirtastop has in store!

  20. Jen says:

    Hi my little fella is Oz and his favourite colour is green (dinosaur crazy!!!!) of course if I won there might be arguments with his little sis B, but she’s only 18 months and her fave colour is rainbow- as in “Which colour do you like? A bow” so that one might be a job for mummy!!

  21. Kate says:

    Happy Blog Birthday!!
    My little girl is called Poppy and her favorite color is purple
    Thanks for the competition opportunity.

  22. Leigh says:

    Congratulations! Love the blog and thanks for the chance to win. My little man’s name starts with A, and he loves yellow, green, and blue.

  23. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for the giveaway and happy blog-birthday! (blirthday?) My little fellows name is Cyrus, he is 2.5 years and he loves orange and blue. And he loves cats (he wanted me to add that after I asked him what his favorite color is, now he’s bopping around saying cat over and over.)
    vanessacatvet (at) gmail (dot) com

  24. Carolyn says:

    There is no way that your blog is only a year old! I can’t believe all that you’ve done since then (you better be patting yourself on the back 🙂
    Happy one year blog-iversary!

  25. Fabi says:

    Congrats! love your blog, I recently found you. So glad i did. My little Robert would love a cape, and he likes red or blue. Thanks for the change.

  26. Margaret Wiltshire says:

    Congratulations! I have been blogging for a whole 2 weeks so a year is huge. If I was lucky enough to win it would be for Xanthe (girl) who loves pink, rainbow and yellow.

  27. Cindy Sully says:

    I too just recently found your blog! I love too see what you come up with and just the other day I pinned the super hero cape:-) Levi is my guy! He is 4 and his favorite color is BLUE!

  28. Jennifer says:

    Happy anniversary!!!! Ella would love a super hero cape, would save her using all of my kitchen paper towel. Her favourite colours are pink and purple.

  29. Brittney says:

    I started following you after I saw your o+s sailboat pants for your son, the picture of them standing up cracked me up! And, it was the reason I bought the pattern. My son Jack loves anything blue. Congrats on a coming so far in a year!

  30. mindy t says:

    Such a great giveaway. My kids would LOVE this. I have 3 kids, Waden’s favorite color is Orange, Ruby’s favorite color is Pink and Elsie’s favorite is green.

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