pink gradient bunting

i definitely didn’t get too ambitious with handmade gifts this christmas.  aside from the cape, this is the only other handmade gift i’m giving.  woops!

my sister requested “one of those triangle banner thingies” for her daughter C’s room for christmas.  C is almost three years old, and a big fan of pink like Em is.  they just moved into a new house, and C’s bedroom has been painted light pink!  my sis asked for pink/orange/magenta, though i had to clarify whether “raspberry” was okay, because i don’t have much magenta fabric.  it was.

this one actually gave me a bit of trouble, color-wise.  i have tons of pink fabric around, since Em wants me to make her nothing but pink dresses, but i wanted to mix prints like my other banners (spring, fallwinter, and sisters, for example).  it wasn’t really working for some reason.  however, once i decided to go with a symmetrical gradient solid-ish scheme with just one obvious print (my long-hoarded heather ross far far away I) it came together nicely.

  i can’t do JUST PINK without a bit of grounding, so i used charcoal bias tape on it (store-bought).

i snapped these photos in our room while they were on their way over to visit this morning, so i can get it wrapped up!  meanwhile, my kids did this:

she’s wearing her christmas dress and my shoes, and he’s playing with a broom in our messy closet.  nice.  🙂

back to wrapping!

7 thoughts on “pink gradient bunting

  1. gail says:

    it’s a very sweet little “triangle banner thingie”. 🙂 i’m working on my final handmade gift tonight…bringing my impressive grand total to two as well!

  2. kim says:

    If you can see that much floor in your closet, I don’t think you get to call it messy! And you know I’m a big fan of your buntings, particularly of “sisters.” 😉 Love you!

  3. Carolyn says:

    It came out fantastic! What a perfect little present!
    (and on an unrelated note – we had that same bed, but sadly had to get rid of it when we switched from a full to a queen size bed. I miss the bed frame…but I love the extra space!)

    • kristin says:

      thanks! that’s so funny about the bed – ours is a queen. we had to upgrade from a full soon after getting married. i think a happy marriage depends on at LEAST a queen size bed!

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