how do people blog in december?

seriously you guys, december is HERE!  sheesh!  i didn’t sit down to a TV or computer all weekend – too busy!  good news is, we got a lot done to usher in the christmas season.  first, we got our tree from a lot just a few blocks from our house.  our tradition is to carry it home (or the husband carries it while i lug both kids because Em was done walking and O was in the backpack).  we went to the same lot last year, so it was fun to reminisce about how giant my belly was then and how O’s birth was just a little over a week away…

then we rearranged our little living room to accomodate it, since we like a nice fat tree that goes all the way to the ceiling.  so the tree is trimmed, the chex mix is made, the house is decorated inside and out, Em’s christmas (and dance recital) dress is finished, and i knocked out a few decorations for O’s first birthday party coming up this weekend.  i would have gotten photos of the dress, but both kids have a cold and she hasn’t been in a modeling mood.

funny how just a weekend can get you fully in the christmas spirit.  after attending my husband’s company holiday party (he works for a small family-owned business, so his co-workers are a great group of folks that we’ve known for years) and seeing the singing christmas tree downtown with my mom and sisters (a giant choir of people standing on risers in the shape of a christmas tree), i’m there!

i got slightly too ambitious for a bit, starting to cut fabric for this mini quilt after being inspired by this one.  i got one block sewn…

…but then realized a hanging mini quilt is not a necessity when i have a couple christmas presents to sew.  i also got word that something VERY EXCITING is coming down the pike for ol’ skirt as top.  check back on wednesday to find out what (it’s not a baby – just gotta put that out there, since this sewing blogger bunch is an incredibly fertile one…).  😉

be back soon!

5 thoughts on “how do people blog in december?

  1. Carla says:

    I have a Christmas baby and a Christmas husband so I plan to take a serious blog break as the holidays near. I love holiday traditions. Good luck getting those presents done, can’t wait to hear the good news.

  2. kim says:

    oh, chex mix! My mom ALWAYS made it and I never do but I absolutely love the stuff. S isn’t a huge fan so I wouldn’t have to share (who wants to share?)… hm, I may have to make some this year. I love your tradition of walking to the neighborhood tree lot to get your tree (I used to get mistletoe at that very same place every year!) and can so relate to divvying up tree-carrying and kid-carrying duties. Can’t wait to see E’s dress, hear about O’s party, and find out what the exciting news is (you tease 😉 )!!

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