pac-man lunch sack

my dear husband doesn’t have many sewing requests, but in this case i had been on a bit of a sewing hiatus, and he had an immediate one: PLEEEEASE make the kids a new lunch bag for daycare.  while the faux bois oilcloth lunch sack i made them was still functional, it was getting smelly from spilled milk and isn’t washable.  i once again pulled up calico’s lunch sack tutorial but made it in canvas ikea fabric, a lot bigger since the bag needs to hold food for both kids now, and added a little something extra…

PAC-MAN AND MS. PAC-MAN APPLIQUE!  i was about to applique a lower-case E and an O for their initals, but once i started cutting out the circles i suddenly thought of pac-man and thought that would be PERFECT to represent a hungry little girl and little boy.  i want a lunch sack that makes me smile.

i topstitched around all edges, including the bottom, to make it stand up a little better.  i should have lined it, but i was kind of lazy.  it just needs to get their lunches from point A to point B anyway, which takes about 10 minutes.

happy husband, giggling mama, well-fed kids.  mission accomplished.

15 thoughts on “pac-man lunch sack

  1. Trinh says:

    oh man, i wished i had seen this post earlier. i was going to make s a lunchbag, looked at the directions and decided it ws too complicated. so then i went out and bought her one yesterday. the pac-people really makes the bag!

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