a modern mid-century apron

ready for a photo heavy post of my lovely sister, laura, in her new apron?  let’s go!

laura found the apron on pinterest (link is to her page), sent me an email saying she loved it, and could i make something like it?  i’ve followed the sew liberated blog for a couple years now, so i immediately recognized it as the emmeline apron, knew there was a pattern, and was excited to buy it from meg.  i think i ordered it up that same day.

laura loves to bake, and whips up wonderfully fancy cupcakes (root beer float, cinnamon toast crunch, salted caramel…my mouth waters just thinking about them).  she really did need a pretty apron of her very own!

we went to fabric depot together, and she picked out her fabric.  i had expected her to gravitate towards the vintage reproduction prints (30s era, maybe?) but she went for anchors and polka dots, in a full-blown red, white, and blue color scheme (more ’50s nautical rockabilly).  this girl is a style chameleon!  the anchors are bar harbor by polly minick & lauri simpson for moda.

the fabric on this side is essential dots, also by moda.  it’s cream with coral-red tiny polka dots that coordinates very nicely with the anchor side (a little hard to see in photos).  i think the blue sash is a kona solid but i’m not sure which.  we were testing a bunch of solids and when we saw that one, we knew it was right.

it was really fun to sew.  i spread the project out over a few days, letting my bias tape hang for a while to let it stretch (i read somewhere you’re supposed to do that?), and took my time to be as precise as i could.  however, i bet it could be sewn up in just a couple hours, especially if you skip the hand stitching.

enjoy your apron, girl!  i love you!

oh and have i mentioned i have three sisters?  i’m the oldest of four girls.  laura is #3 in the lineup.  the toddler bathrobe i just sewed was for my sister andrea’s daughter (andee is #2).  hey lilly, got any requests?  don’t want to leave you out, and sister photoshoots are super fun!  🙂

18 thoughts on “a modern mid-century apron

  1. Trinh says:

    my sister made this one a while ago. i’ve always loved this pattern. i like that you kept it simple. really cute with the high heels:)…

  2. Meg says:

    Ack! So cute! Would you mind if I shared a photo and linked to your blog in an upcoming round-up post of what folks are making with my patterns? Warmly,

  3. Kimberly says:

    Shut it. I fell in love with the apron, the fabric, the posing (and the awesome kitchen popsicle art) when I saw it on Sew Liberated the other day. You are everywhere!

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