a tale of two elephant hats

we went to visit good out of town friends a couple weeks ago, and i noticed a few of their son M’s hats appeared to be getting a little small.  it had been a while since i sewed something for him, so i felt like he was due.  then they just so happened to have a wedding to attend in town this weekend, so i finished it up and presented it to him when they came over for a bit.

poor M was having a really rough time being away from home.   little mr. crankypants wasn’t too into a photoshoot, but i had to try anyway.

here’s how it went down.

M grabs O’s hat:

O grabs M’s hat:

M gets mad and throws his hat:

O gets two hats (and tries to eat one – not pictured):

i try for a photo of the polka dot side, M is not having it:

Em investigates the discarded polka dot hat (wearing her polka dot dress):

the end.  hopefully he’ll like it better when he’s wearing it at home.  🙂


fabric is the same daiwabo elephants as O’s hat and i had to get creative with cutting because i barely had any left.  O has gotten sooo much use out of his hat, wearing it almost every sunny day this summer, so elephants apparently go with everything!  for M’s, the reverse side is michael miller dumb dot gray – i had a fat quarter on hand.

the pattern is again the bucket hat from “little things to sew” by liesl gibson, size small 12-24 months (M is 13.5 months old).  it fit him well with some growing room.  it’s my third time sewing one of these bucket hats, and i really love it.  i think it does help to use a heavier fabric on one side – gives the hat some structure.

the end for reals.


5 thoughts on “a tale of two elephant hats

  1. kim says:

    haha, love the pictures! I have long been a fan of those elephants but the polka dots are adorable, too! And speaking of bucket hats: we’ve been using ours a TON lately! We went through a won’t-keep-a-hat-on-my-head-unless-you-tie-it-on stage with A, but she’s warmed up to hats since then and rocks the one you made her almost every day. It’s extra cute when E wears her own (store-bought, boo) bucket hat and they sister-ride in the wagon. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you guys on Friday!!

  2. Alyssa Casassa says:

    Poor Milo! I heard he was a total wreck that weekend! I have some pics of their much more pleasant visit to Seattle this past weekend that I will have to post on Fbook for you.

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