bibs and bonnets

i was so excited to try made by rae’s peekaboo baby bonnet pattern that i made this little number for my expectant friend rizeld a couple weeks ago, but i couldn’t post about it because her baby shower wasn’t until TODAY!  that’s what i get for being too efficient. ha!

i wanted buy a pattern from rae after getting so much use out of her free newborn baby pants one, and i’m so glad i did because it’s SO cute.  this was my first time sewing piping correctly!  i had tried when sewing O’s car seat cover canopy, but didn’t really get it and my mom finished it off for me (still blaming my lack of patience on the fact that i was 38 weeks pregnant).  this time, i got it.  and when i was done, even though i have a 6.5 month old baby boy, i got baby girl fever!  rae’s pattern should come with a warning: “THE NEWBORN – 3 MONTH SIZE WILL IMMEDIATELY CAUSE WOMEN TO WANT A GIRL BABY – SEW AT YOUR OWN RISK.”  i suppose i could make one in em’s size, but for some reason a tiny baby bonnet is so classic and adorable, and i don’t think a 3T bonnet would have quite the same “awwwww!” effect.

so anyway, i made it in the 0-3 month size so the baby could wear it this summer (she’s due in just 4 weeks).  the fabric is liberty of london for target floral, and kaffe fasset shot cotton, the same fabric combo that i used here.

i tried it on O, who has a 90th percentile head by the way, so this bonnet is probably two sizes too small.  poor guy.  modeling too-small girl hats.  hehehe.

then i sewed up a few bibs for the niñita, con un corazón y mariposas y flores (that’s about the extent of my retained high school spanish but rizeld is latina so i had to sprinkle in un poquito español, verdad?  okay, that’s it).

my own pattern again (loosely based on a store-bought bib).  i restrained myself from applique of the bottom one, so it could coordinate better with the bonnet for “fancy occasions.”  fabric is mostly from scraps.  from top: riley blake’s rainy days and mondays first used here, the fabric i don’t know because it was a fat quarter but first used here, and the liberty of london for target scarf.  appliques are kona cottons, all bibs are backed with pink minky and close with velcro.

i also made her a crinkle teether.  O still loves his and they’re such a great use of scraps, so it’ll probably be a go-to baby gift for me now.  again stuffed with a travel wipes wrapper, but this one is backed with pink minky.  heather bailey, anna maria horner, and amy butler all in one little square!

here’s the gift all together.  rizeld seemed to really like it – yay!  she has two sons already, so it was fun to go super girly (okay no ruffles or lace, but for me this is super girly).  it was pretty neat, there were quite a few seamstresses (sewers?) at the shower, and lots of handmade gifts were given for the baby girl.  i loved talking sewing machine brands, fabric stores, where to get that bonnet pattern, etc. with ladies a generation above me (but i always feel like such a newbie!).

 congratulations again rizeld, it was a fun and lovely shower!

4 thoughts on “bibs and bonnets

    • kristin says:

      thanks, rae! seriously great bonnet pattern. it hits a major nostalgia nerve in a good way – my sisters and i used to wear bonnets while driving around in my folks’ VW bug with the top down in the summertime…

  1. brendamaxfield says:

    Hi Kristin! Would it be possible for me to use the photo of the pink bonnet on the cover of an Amish book I’m writing? I would surely appreciate it! I would give you credit in the book if you’d like. Thank you for your consideration! 😀


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