pants for the little fella

boy sewing!  so hard.  i learned on toddler skirts and simple dresses, and fabric selection soooo favors girls.  but this little guy, he’s growing fast.  he keeps growing out of his pants (um, mostly in the tummy).  he’s in that in-between phase where i want to dress him in something a little nicer than the standard jersey knit newborn pants, but jeans still seem a little uncomfortable for a guy that’s just chillaxing all day long.

so i made him some cozy gray cords from made-by-rae’s excellent newborn pants free pattern.

i added 1.5″ to the bottom hem since he’s 4 months, not a newborn (and 90th percentile height, which means he’s about the size of an average 6 month old).  i got all nervous that they’d still be too short, so i made the tiniest hem i could.  i did a double-row of stitching for a little extra detail (sorry for blurry photo – he kicks!).

some patch pockets on a little diapered bum were also a necessity.  highly functional.

i can be such a procrastinator.  em’s easter dress is much more urgent than these pants were, and it’s still in the cutting phase!  i just knew i could whip these out in less than an hour, so i went for it.  this is how i roll.  sometimes it’s nice to just FINISH a project.


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