crinkle teether

my son is now 4 months old, and sort of teething.  he can use his hands well enough to grab and hold onto things, and EVERYTHING goes straight into his mouth.  i was at the fabric store with him this weekend, and he started getting a little fussy as i was checking out (too much time at bolt, one of the best places in the world??  blasphemy!).  anyway, i gave him a freshly purchased fat quarter for him to shove in his face and buy me time to get back to the car, his ultimate relaxation machine.  that gave me a better idea…to take a quilt break and sew him a quick little teether!  so i whipped this up last night:

one side

and the other side

i picked high-contrast fabrics because babies like that kind of thing, and added a few ribbon loops for extra textural fun.  i stuffed it with an empty travel wipes wrapper for a nice crinkly sound, then quilted it to keep the plastic from bunching.  i figure i can still wash it, but probably not dry it.

nom nom nom.


5 thoughts on “crinkle teether

  1. leslie says:

    wow. i love it. and love the idea of the crinkly travel wipe packaging on the inside. my little one is four months old, too. i think i need to make one of these. pronto!

  2. danielle says:

    Such a great idea! my little almost 4 month old 😉 is going through the same thing with sort of teething. And I was agonizing about getting him one of those really cute Sophie the giraffe teethers but then reading about how babies can choke on them and talked myself out of it. Anyway…this is a perfect solution! So cute.

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