in the midst of a big project

i’ve been spending most of my free time working on a quilt for em’s twin-size big girl bed…my first honest-to-goodness quilt, not just a picnic blanket!  this one has much more patchwork, batting, and will reside on a bed, not on a campground picnic bench, and i will see it every day.  as a result, i’m completely terrified at each new step…what if the rows don’t line up?  what kind of basting do i do (pins, fusible batting, basting spray)?  what kind of quilting pattern should i go with (i’m thinking this)?  what if i can’t reach the middle while quilting with my normal sewing machine?   oh man, SO much hand sewing on the binding…and i need to hand sew it, i haven’t had much luck with making machine-sewn binding look pretty enough.

so far, the top is pieced.  i went for the simplest, most low-stress type of patchwork i could think of (a bunch of 6″ squares).  i joined them into pairs, then squares, then rows, then joined the rows.  i bought batting and environmentally-friendly non-toxic basting spray…and that’s where things stand now.  the top is pieced and looks great, it’s full of fabric by my favorite designers plus a smidge of vintage sheeting, and it’s the perfect colors for em’s room.  it fits on her bed!  i’m seriously thrilled.  tomorrow, i shop for backing fabric and binding, and hopefully, during naptime, i will make a nice little quilt sandwich.  i’m devouring quilting blogs (film in the fridge and oh, fransson!), i’m draining the brain of a good friend who just took a quilting class, and i’m checking the quilt books i’ve accumulated with the intention of making a quilt someday…there are so many steps and i don’t want to mess it up!

here’s a little sneak peek.

wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “in the midst of a big project

  1. kim says:

    I suppose commissioning skirts and sundresses is one thing, but a quilt for my daughter’s bed would be asking too much? hehe. I LOVE quilts and cannot wait to see your finished project. It is going to be stunning, I’m sure, and will be an heirloom E will treasure for the rest of her life. Seriously, what a sweet labor of love. Happy sewing!

    p.s. Your blog remains the only one I am looking at during Lent. Glad you posted something new. 😉

    • skirtastop says:

      maybe someday, or maybe i could make more of a “blankie” sized one rather than a bed sized one…would that be okay? 🙂

      PS – i’m so flattered you’re breaking your lenten promise for my little ol’ blog! i’ll definitely need to keep posting now!

  2. danielle says:

    Oh I know just what you mean about being terrified of each new step! I have several projects that are mid-construction for that exact reason! My advice (to myself as well) is to forge ahead! Even if their are little mistakes, at least you’ll be done and you will have learned for next time. I can’t wait to see it.

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