a little green skirt for springtime

i have a soft spot for the oliver + s lazy days skirt free pattern.  it was the first article of clothing i made after the husband gave me a machine for mother’s day, and i learned that i should DEFINITELY follow instructions when learning to sew rather than winging it at first, because it’s an art that’s been around for a long long time, and i had a lot to learn.  here’s my daughter modeling my first creation in the summer of 2009.

lazy days skirt

check out those tiny little legs!  this skirt would probably hit at an indecent mid-thigh level on her now!  that first skirt took me 2 hours (i can now whip one up in a quarter of the time).  most toddler skirts i make now are a variation on the lazy days skirt, usually a hybrid of the lazy days and the market skirt by MADE, like this one:

i decided (at 10pm on wednesday night) to sew a little green skirt for her to wear on st. patrick’s day, with plenty of growing room to last her through the spring/summer.  the print is valori wells’ berries in sage, and the solid is a poplin.  i’d never used poplin before, but it’s really nice – softer than quilting cotton, and the color matched the print beautifully.  i can’t get enough of the spring green.

i made it plenty long because my little beanpole tends to grow up, not out.

she loves her newest skirt (yay!).  it helps that she’s in a “ballerina” phase and currently only wants to wear skirts or dresses.  i’m happy to oblige.

“dorothy shoes” are also a must.


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