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vintage may: roundup and features

28 May

Vintage May: Presented by Craftiness is not Optional and skirt as top

Vintage May 2 has come to an end…so soon!  it was so much fun celebrating vintage style again with you this year – thank you for getting excited with us and supporting this series!

i really couldn’t have done it without my co-host Jess.  it was even MORE fun collaborating this year, because we had a couple extra helpers – Sadie and Em have become cute little pen pal buddies, and we now show them what the other one’s mommy sewed and they get excited along with us!  last year, Jess was deep in the first trimester exhaustion phase with baby Ava and I helped with a lot of the back end work, and this year I was preparing for Quilt Market and was out of town and just had a bunch of stuff going on, so Jess totally stepped up and did a lot of prep work – i’m so grateful to her!

i also want to thank Cherie, who was in town staying with us the weekend between week 1 and week 2, who kept me company during late night sewing (and blogging) sessions and even reminded me i had a post to write a couple times (haha!).  man it’s nice to have a houseguest that really understands!  she even got this great “photo of a photoshoot” – i love it.

photo 5

and of course, i want to send out a huge thank you to our guest bloggers – you gals are so inspiring.  i loved seeing everyone’s different take on “vintage” and, just like last year, the guest projects seemed to somehow pair up really nicely in color/style/era/feel every day!  if you missed any of the posts, be sure to click through to their blogs to check them out!  beautiful stories, great tutorials, and just plain fun projects!  you guys are awesome.

::  Week 1  ::
delia from delia creates // miriam from mad mim
 dana from made // jessica from a little gray
 heidi from elegance and elephants // melissa from melly sews
alida from alida makes // an from straight grain
::  Week 2  ::
jen and autie from icandy handmade // miranda from one little minute
kirstin from kojo designs // shannon from luvinthemommyhood
jessica from happy together // erin and caroline from hungie gungie
disney from ruffles and stuff // vanessa from lbg studio
and while our guests were sewing up a storm, so were many of you!  here are a few of my favorites from the vintage may flickr group!  thanks to everyone that sewed along – you make this so much fun for us!

vintage may flickr group round up

Row 1:  018, SummerDateNight2, Parsley Pants- Tuxedo Stripe Version, retro style summer dress, Geranium Shirt, Easter dress,

Row 2: Coat nr. 1, Debbie’s Birthday Dress – Views 1 and 2, peasant blouse with crocheted trim KCW day 6, Liberty dress, Lavender Lovelies, IMG_8741,

Row 3: Simplicity 1652, sadly, it did not fit…, Look 1/2: Simplicity 4264 – 1953, Little deer bodysuit, $1 refashioned romper, Vintage Overalls

head on over to craftiness is not optional for jess’ vintage may roundup and HER flickr faves, and we hope you had as much fun as we did!

now who’s going to sew a romper this spring/summer?  i plan to!

vmcinobutton (2)

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vintage may guest: lbg studio

24 May

Vintage May: Presented by Craftiness is not Optional and skirt as top

my final guest for vintage may is vanessa from {lbg studio}!  i just love how vanessa uses color/proportion/layering in her sewing - this outfit she sewed for project run & play was one of my favorites ever, and the pop of color in this geranium tunic paired with gray bubble shorts is total eye candy.  she has an amazing eye for photography – pretty peaches, a sweet birthday tribute, pumpkin bread…mmmm so lovely.  i just want to live in her photos.

vanessa has a great shop and i’m super excited for her newest bag pattern in the works!

she’s sharing a beautiful dress sewn from a vintage pattern, and her post talks about the good and the bad of sewing from one.  as always, her pictures are absolutely lovely.  head over to {lbg studio} to see more.


thanks so much, vanessa!  and with that, vintage may is coming to an end!  we’ll do a roundup and feature some projects from the flickr group next week, and i have other things to tell you about (Em’s fifth birthday and my surreal and awesome Quilt Market weekend!).  but that’s me getting ahead of myself… ;)

now if you want to read a crazy story of how dedicated some sewing bloggers can be, head over to Craftiness is not Optional for a preview of Ruffles & Stuff’s beautiful vintage slip skirt and click through for her story.

(I hope you get a nap today, Disney!!!)

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vintage may guest: hungie gungie

23 May

Vintage May: Presented by Craftiness is not Optional and skirt as top

ah, hungie gungie.  i love hungie gungie.  it’s written by two sisters, erin and caroline.  both are hilarious, and both sew beautifully.  no idea when or how i found their blog, but it’s a good one.  sometimes i wish i had a collaboratory blog with my sisters…but until i can talk them into it, i’ll just live vicariously through the hungie gungie girls.

don’t miss caroline’s first try at a hat for her little guy and lovely piped music box jumper, or erin’s beautiful washi tunic and last year’s offering to vintage may, a pillowcase tank dress tutorial!

their post today features ALL THE VINTAGEY THINGS!  vests, knickers, vintage fabric, romper, pleats, suspenders…GOTTA GO SEE!

Hungie Gungie-Vintage May

and be sure to check out their tutorial for that cute little romper!

okay you know the drill – time to head over to Craftiness is not Optional for a preview of happy together’s adorable mod t-shirt dress tutorial!

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vintage may guest: luvinthemommyhood

22 May

Vintage May: Presented by Craftiness is not Optional and skirt as top

Shannon from luvinthemommyhood is a blog friend i so wish lived right next door.  she just seems like the kind of gal you could spend hours sipping tea/wine/coffee/cocoa with and knitting/sewing/chatting while your kids ran around playing together.  she’s just a warm and thoughtful person with a great eye for design and i’m so glad to have her as a vintage may guest today!

you may know Shannon for her beautiful knitting, you may know her for her impeccable sewing (and love of a good topstitch), you may know her for her amazing photography or her honest writing.  i love her for all of it.  she does such a nice job of making everyone feel so welcome on her blog, it’s really great.

today Shannon is sharing a sweet little dress inspired by Sally Draper from Mad Men – i love Mad Men (even though this week’s episode was a bit bizarre – did you see it?) and i LOVE this dress!  it looks like something Em would adore wearing.  head on over to luvinthemommyhood to check it out (and help me encourage her to release a pattern for it!).


eeeep just too cute!  today Jess over at Craftiness is not Optional is previewing a totally adorable pinwheel dress by kojodesigns - those big ol’ flutter sleeves on little Piper Jane are killing me dead.

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vintage may guest: one little minute

21 May

Vintage May: Presented by Craftiness is not Optional and skirt as top

it’s kind of interesting how we all discover new blogs – maybe a friend tells us, maybe we are linked from another blog, maybe it’s through a series like this one, and maybe it feels completely roundabout.  the roundabout method is how i found my guest today, Miranda of One Little Minute.  i know i saw her maternity countdown tee all over the place, and DEFINITELY saw her big bow dress floating around Pinterest, and always liked both.  and then i saw this gal popping up on instagram (@lifefreemiranda) and realized it was HER!

anyway, i like Miranda, I think she has awesome style, fun ideas, and makes a mean rockford peach costume too!

head over to One Little Minute to check out her tutorial for a simple half apron and learn how to do a little chicken scratch embroidery on the pocket!

Vintage May- Alice Embroidered Apron- One Little Minute Blog

gotta love the gingham!  then head on over to Craftiness is not Optional to check out a preview of iCandy Handmade’s very cute mod dress tutorial!

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