diapers for elephants

diapers for stuffed animals

these two here are Em’s baby elephants, Little Lady (left) and Little Frankie (right). Little Lady is a new addition to the elephant family, a valentine’s day present. i just saw her in the store and couldn’t resist her…she’s super soft and only 8″ long – a tiny little thing. i knew she’d be well taken care of by my little gal.


in her elephant family, these are the ones that need the most taking care of – they cry, they take bottles, they need lots of naps. Em cradles them, brings them everywhere, feeds them, loves them, tucks them into bed with her every night. i was feeling almost neglectful for not offering to make them some diapers to wear until now. Em jumped at the suggestion, of course!


i used this pattern for the larger diaper, which i’ve made a couple times before but don’t think i’ve ever blogged about…it doesn’t get much simpler. the only variation is i do just one continuous strip of the soft side of velcro across the front. the fabric here is daiwabo elephants and the lining is scrap of towel from this project – Em picked them out from my stash. for Little Lady’s diaper, i just drew a smaller sized diaper template with the same shape as the original.


i had to add a spot for their tails to come through!  a buttonhole was just the trick.


the baby elephants are changed and ready for bed.


sleep tight, baby elephants!